Tyco GRINNELL G-PRESS piping system

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The GRINNELL G-PRESS Piping System requires only a press tool to complete the installation, and takes up far less space than traditional threaded, welded or flanged systems. Another bonus is its light weight. G-PRESS is up to 50%  lighter when compared with traditional threaded piping systems. The absence of high heat and flames from welding torches is a major safety plus and, significantly, the reliability and dependability of G-PRESS is underpinned by its being tested and approved by major fire protection approval bodies. The new system can be used in hazardous areas, without any special precautions being necessary; installation does not generate hazardous fumes in the working area; and there is no possibility of foreign materials being introduced into the pipeline. 

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Technical Specification

Make Tyco
Manufacturer Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products
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The key components of the new piping solution are the GRINNELL G-PRESS fittings and fitting connection, and the G-Press PLM [passive leak monitoring] sealing ring. G-Press fittings are made from either stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel, which is protected against external corrosion by a zinc layer. The fitting connection between the sprinkler tube and the fitting is created by pressure using a G-PRESS pressing tool. The packing sleeve is deformed and adapts to the surface of the tube that is then, in turn, pressed against the PLM sealing rings on the surface of the fitting. This provides highly effective sealing and prevents the tube from slipping out. 

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