Thermoplastic Fire Trucks

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CET Fire Pumps Becancour VehicleCET Fire Pumps Becancour
CET Fire Pumps Becancour Extrication Unit
Thermoplastic, Medium Duty, Rescue/Squad
CET Fire Pumps Dolbeau VehicleCET Fire Pumps Dolbeau
CET Fire Pumps Dolbeau
Thermoplastic, Medium Duty, Tanker/Tender
Foster Rescue Products CRV BADGER VehicleFoster Rescue Products CRV BADGER
Foster Rescue Products CRV BADGER mini foam truck with 10 gallon foam capacity
Thermoplastic, Small, Light Duty, Engine/Pumper
S&S Fire Apparatus Attack 1 VehicleS&S Fire Apparatus Attack 1
S&S Fire Apparatus Attack 1 brush truck with flexible mounting
Thermoplastic, Small, Engine/Pumper
S&S Fire Apparatus Sentinel VehicleS&S Fire Apparatus Sentinel
S&S Fire Apparatus Sentinel support and rescue vehicle
Thermoplastic, Light Duty, Rescue/Squad
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