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BAI VSA 6000 Remix VehicleBAI VSA 6000 Remix
BAI VSA 6000 Remix vehicle for airport rescue and firefighting
Steel, Rescue/Squad
Blanchat Mfg Chaparral B-3 VehicleBlanchat Mfg Chaparral B-3
Blanchat Mfg Chaparral B-3 wildland fire vehicle available with 325 gallon tank
Steel, Engine/Pumper
Blanchat Mfg Gunfighter VehicleBlanchat Mfg Gunfighter
Blanchat Mfg Gunfighter vehicle with 2500-3200 gl. Polypropylene Tank
Steel, Large, Heavy Duty, Tanker/Tender
Blanchat Mfg Minuteman VehicleBlanchat Mfg Minuteman
Blanchat Mfg Minuteman vehicle with 23 hp pump and 400g polypropylene recessed tank
Steel, Large, Rescue/Squad
Blanchat Mfg Patriot VehicleBlanchat Mfg Patriot
Blanchat Mfg Patriot vehicle with 800-1500 gallon polypropylene tank
Emerco RESCUE II VehicleEmerco RESCUE II
Emerco RESCUE II rescue vehicle, 2 x 3 inch tubular steel subframe
Steel, Rescue/Squad
Ferrara Fire Light Duty Rescue VehicleFerrara Fire Light Duty Rescue
Ferrara Fire Light Duty Rescue vehicle - fully customizable for a wide variety of responses
Steel, Small, Heavy Duty, Rescue/Squad
Gimaex Forest Firefighting - Mercedes Chassis VehicleGimaex Forest Firefighting - Mercedes Chassis
Gimaex Forest Firefighting - Mercedes UNIMOG U5000 Chassis
Hypres Equipment Breathing Air Trailer VehicleHypres Equipment Breathing Air Trailer
Hypres Equipment Breathing Air trailer
IVECO Magirus LF-HLF 20/20 All-Wheel VehicleIVECO Magirus LF-HLF 20/20 All-Wheel
IVECO Magirus LF-HLF 20/20 All-Wheel vehicle
Steel, Heavy Duty, Engine/Pumper
KME Fire Apparatus FireStix VehicleKME Fire Apparatus FireStix
KME Fire Apparatus FireStix - high strength steel boom with aluminum rescue ladder
Steel, Engine/Pumper
Oshkosh TFFT VehicleOshkosh TFFT
Oshkosh TFFT Tactical Fire Fighting Truck - multi-functional vehicle by Oshkosh & Pierce Mfg Co
Steel, Large, Heavy Duty, Rescue/Squad
Download Oshkosh TFFT  datasheet
Rosenbauer TLF 3200/150 VehicleRosenbauer TLF 3200/150
Rosenbauer TLF 3200/150 forest fire fighting vehicle
Steel, Utility
Download Rosenbauer TLF 3200/150  datasheet
Sammutin Saurus AM36/2 VehicleSammutin Saurus AM36/2
Sammutin Saurus AM36/2 airport rescue vehicle
Steel, Medium Duty, Rescue/Squad
Sammutin Saurus AS80/10+250 VehicleSammutin Saurus AS80/10+250
Sammutin Saurus AS80/10+250 airport rescue vehicle
Steel, Heavy Duty, Rescue/Squad
Sammutin Saurus FL10 VehicleSammutin Saurus FL10
Sammutin Saurus FL10 fire engine
Steel, Light Duty, Engine/Pumper
Sammutin Saurus FMC28 VehicleSammutin Saurus FMC28
Sammutin Saurus FMC28 crewcab
Steel, Medium, Medium Duty, Engine/Pumper
Sammutin Saurus FSC29 VehicleSammutin Saurus FSC29
Sammutin Saurus FSC29 fire crewcab
Steel, Heavy Duty, Engine/Pumper
Sammutin Saurus RM VehicleSammutin Saurus RM
Sammutin Saurus RM rescue vehicle
Steel, Medium Duty, Rescue/Squad
Sammutin Saurus RMC VehicleSammutin Saurus RMC
Sammutin Saurus RMC rescue vehicle
Steel, Medium Duty, Rescue/Squad
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