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Akron Brass 1260 ValveAkron Brass 1260
Akron Brass 1260 Pyrolite firefighting valve with 2.5 inch inlet
2.5, Storz, Wye
Akron Brass 2583 ValveAkron Brass 2583
Akron Brass 2583 - siamese quarter-turn valves with positive shutoff and easy operation
2.5, Storz, Siamese, Pump
Akron Brass 627 ValveAkron Brass 627
Akron Brass 627 - 4-way hydrant valve to provide water to the fire at hydrant pressure
5, Storz, Hydrant
AWG - Max Widenmann 6501 ValveAWG - Max Widenmann 6501
AWG - Max Widenmann 6501 - gate valve with 25 degree elbow
Storz, Gated
Download AWG - Max Widenmann 6501  datasheet
Galvin Engineering 381276 ValveGalvin Engineering 381276
Galvin Engineering 381276 GE BS fire hydrant valve angled storz coupling
Storz, Hydrant
Galvin Engineering 381276RG ValveGalvin Engineering 381276RG
Galvin Engineering 381276RG GE BS fire hydrant valve with roll grove inlet
Storz, Hydrant
Hytrans PWSE1003 MD-G ValveHytrans PWSE1003 MD-G
Hytrans PWSE1003 MD-G mainfold divider gated, portable water supply equipment
Storz, Gated
Hytrans PWSE1005 GV-110 ValveHytrans PWSE1005 GV-110
Hytrans Gate Valve portable water supply equipment
Hytrans PWSE1007 YP150/110 ValveHytrans PWSE1007 YP150/110
Hytrans PWSE1007 YP150/110 portable water supply valve
Storz, Wye
Hytrans PWSE1031 SLD300R ValveHytrans PWSE1031 SLD300R
Hytrans PWSE1031 SLD300R portable water supply equipment
Kochek 31K0425 ValveKochek 31K0425
Kochek 31K0425 3-Way Ball Valve, 4 inch Storz to 2.5 Male
4.0, Storz, Pump
Kochek 31K0525 ValveKochek 31K0525
Kochek 31K0525 3-Way Ball Valve, 5 inch Storz to 2.5 Male
5, Storz, Pump
Kochek 80K04501 ValveKochek 80K04501
Kochek 80K04501
Half Turn, 4.0, Storz
Kochek 80K05501 ValveKochek 80K05501
Kochek 80K05501
Half Turn, 5, Storz
Kochek BFVL40140M ValveKochek BFVL40140M
Kochek BFVL40140M butterfly valve
Storz, Butterfly
Kochek BFVL45145M ValveKochek BFVL45145M
Kochek BFVL45145M butterfly valve
Storz, Butterfly
Kochek BFVL50150M ValveKochek BFVL50150M
Kochek BFVL50150M butterfly valve
Storz, Butterfly
Kochek BFVL60160M ValveKochek BFVL60160M
Kochek BFVL60160M butterfly valve
Storz, Butterfly
Download Kochek BFVL60160M  datasheet
Kochek BFVT45145M ValveKochek BFVT45145M
Kochek BFVT45145M butterfly valve
Storz, Butterfly
Kochek BFVT50150M ValveKochek BFVT50150M
Kochek BFVT50150M butterfly valve
Storz, Butterfly
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