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HYT TC-320 RadioHYT TC-320
HYT TC-320
UHF, Portable
HYT TC-370-1 RadioHYT TC-370-1
HYT TC-370-1 portable radio with 5 W power output and 99 channels
5, UHF, Portable
HYT TC-370-2 RadioHYT TC-370-2
HYT TC-370-2 portable radio with 99 VHF/UHF channels
HYT TC-370-3 RadioHYT TC-370-3
HYT TC-370-3 portable radio with 99 channels in UHF 470-490 MHz
5, UHF, Portable
HYT TC-500 RadioHYT TC-500
HYT TC-500
VHF, Portable
HYT TC-500-U(1)-110 RadioHYT TC-500-U(1)-110
HYT TC-500-U(1)-110 portable radio, 16 channels in UHF 400-420 MHz
UHF, Portable
HYT TC-500-U(2)-110 RadioHYT TC-500-U(2)-110
HYT TC-500-U(2)-110 portable radio, 16 channels in VHF/UHF
HYT TC-500-V(1) RadioHYT TC-500-V(1)
HYT TC-500-V(1) portable radio, 16 channels in VHF/UHF
VHF, Portable
HYT TC-500-V(1)-230V RadioHYT TC-500-V(1)-230V
HYT TC-500-V(1)-230V portable radio, 16 channels at VHF 136-150 MHz
VHF, Portable
HYT TC-500-V(2) RadioHYT TC-500-V(2)
HYT TC-500-V(2) portable radio, 16 channels at VHF 150-174 MHz
HYT TC-500-V(2)-230 RadioHYT TC-500-V(2)-230
HYT TC-500-V(2)-230 portable radio with 4 W RF output, 16 channels
VHF, Portable
HYT TC-600 RadioHYT TC-600
HYT TC-600
VHF, Portable
HYT TC-600U-1 RadioHYT TC-600U-1
HYT TC-600U-1 portable radio for export, 16 channels
HYT TC-600U-2 RadioHYT TC-600U-2
HYT TC-600U-2 portable radio with 16 channels, VHF and UHF frequencies
UHF, Portable
HYT TC-600U-2-RFB RadioHYT TC-600U-2-RFB
HYT TC-600U-2-RFB portable radio, 16 channels
UHF, Portable
HYT TC-610P-2TONE-U2 RadioHYT TC-610P-2TONE-U2
HYT TC-610P-2TONE-U2 portable radio, 5 W with 16 VHF/UHF channels
5, Portable
HYT TC-610P-HDC-U1 RadioHYT TC-610P-HDC-U1
HYT TC-610P-HDC-U1 portable radio with HDC1200 signalling version
UHF, Portable
HYT TC-610P-HDC-U2 RadioHYT TC-610P-HDC-U2
HYT TC-610P-HDC-U2 portable radio with voice operated transmit (VOX)
5, UHF, Portable
HYT TC-610P-HDC-V2 RadioHYT TC-610P-HDC-V2
HYT TC-610P-HDC-V2 portable radio, 16 channels, VHF 146-174 MHz
VHF, Portable
HYT TC-610U-1 RadioHYT TC-610U-1
HYT TC-610U-1 portable radio, 16 channels at UHF 400-420 MHz
5, UHF, Portable
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