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Niros TRX 5016 RadioNiros TRX 5016
Niros TRX 5016 portable radio with 16 programmable buttons
5, UHF, Portable
OTTO Behind the Head RadioOTTO Behind the Head
OTTO Behind the Head - radio with comfortable, cloth-covered ear seals
OTTO ClearTrak RadioOTTO ClearTrak
OTTO ClearTrak radio with flexible, heavy-duty coil cord
OTTO Hurricane II RadioOTTO Hurricane II
OTTO Hurricane II heavy duty headset for high noise environment
OTTO Over the Head RadioOTTO Over the Head
OTTO Over the Head - headset with high clarity sound and additional hearing protection
OTTO Ranger RadioOTTO Ranger
OTTO Ranger - slim, rugged single-ear headset
Peltor Y2000 RadioPeltor Y2000
Peltor Y2000 Emergency Vehicle Intercom radio with easy layout design
RELM RM 800 RadioRELM RM 800
RELM RM 800 mobile radio, 512 channels with dynamic zoning
5, Mobile
RELM RP4200 RadioRELM RP4200
RELM RP4200 portable two way radio, 420-470 MHz
UHF, Portable
RELM RP7500 RadioRELM RP7500
RELM RP7500 portable radio with analogue technology, multiple functions
5, VHF, Portable
RELM RPV516A compact portable radio / pager, 15 channels, 5 W
5, VHF, Portable
Rescom ARVIS RadioRescom ARVIS
Rescom ARVIS radio with split audio and plug and play installation
Rescom BT70-101 RadioRescom BT70-101
Rescom BT70-101 radio with 10 hour rechargeable battery and automatic voice activation
Rescom DP70-35VM RadioRescom DP70-35VM
Rescom DP70-35VM preamplified noise attenuation headset with dynamic boom mic
Rescom DP70-36V2 RadioRescom DP70-36V2
Rescom DP70-36V2 headset with preaplified electret boom mic, nexus connector, 2' cord
Rescom DQ70-106 RadioRescom DQ70-106
Rescom DQ70-106 noise attenuation headset with electret noise cancelling boom mic
Rescom DQ70-108 RadioRescom DQ70-108
Rescom DQ70-108 noise attenuation headset with electret throat mic
Rescom DQ70-129 RadioRescom DQ70-129
Rescom DQ70-129 radio with 2.5mm stereo connection for use with WIFI handset
Rescom DQ70-35V RadioRescom DQ70-35V
Rescom DQ70-35V headset with preaplified dynamic boom mic, nexus connector and 15' cord
Rescom DU70-036 RadioRescom DU70-036
Rescom DU70-036 radio connects directly to USB port - USB 2.0/1.1 compliant
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