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CET Fire Pumps PFP-31hp-2D PumpCET Fire Pumps PFP-31hp-2D
CET Fire Pumps PFP-31hp-2D
301~400, Multi, 61~300, PTO
Godiva GV 10000 PumpGodiva GV 10000
Godiva GV 10000 vehicle mounted pump with maximum flow rated 2639 GPM
301~400, Single, > 2000
Godiva GV 6500 PumpGodiva GV 6500
Godiva GV 6500 single pressure vehicle mounted pump, maximum flow rated at 7500l/min
301~400, Single, 1001~2000, PTO
Patterson Pumps Horizontal Split Case PumpPatterson Pumps Horizontal Split Case
Patterson Pumps Horizontal Split Case fire pump for high and low pressure requirements
301~400, > 2000
Patterson Pumps Vertical Turbine PumpPatterson Pumps Vertical Turbine
Patterson Pumps Vertical Turbine fire pump, 5000 gpm
301~400, > 2000
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