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Elkhart Brass Flex Attack NozzleElkhart Brass Flex Attack
Elkhart Brass Flex Attack CAF nozzle with pistol grip
101~200, 176~300, Smooth Bore
Elkhart Brass FLX-20G NozzleElkhart Brass FLX-20G
Elkhart Brass FLX-20G nozzle with free swivel inlet
101~200, 176~300, Smooth Bore, 1.5
Download Elkhart Brass FLX-20G  datasheet
Elkhart Brass SS-475-GAAT NozzleElkhart Brass SS-475-GAAT
Elkhart Brass SS-475-GAAT nozzle with aluminum/bronze shut-off handle
101~200, 176~300, Smooth Bore, 1.5
Download Elkhart Brass SS-475-GAAT  datasheet
First Strike Technologies VSB NozzleFirst Strike Technologies VSB
First Strike Technologies VSB vindicator smooth bore nozzle, available in two tip sizes
Smooth Bore, 1.5, Manual
Scotty Firefighter 4032-100 NozzleScotty Firefighter 4032-100
Scotty Firefighter 4032-100 smooth bore firefighting nozzle - 100 GPM, NPSH model
101~200, 96~150, Smooth Bore, 1.5, Fixed
Download Scotty Firefighter 4032-100  datasheet
Task Force Tips H-2VITGC NozzleTask Force Tips H-2VITGC
Task Force Tips H-2VITGC smoothe bore nozzle
Smooth Bore, 2.5
Task Force Tips H-VITGC NozzleTask Force Tips H-VITGC
Task Force Tips H-VITGC pistrol grip nozzle with ball valve
Smooth Bore, 1.5
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