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Delta Fire A100C-19 NozzleDelta Fire A100C-19
Delta Fire A100C-19 constant flow fire nozzle
Fog, Fixed
Download Delta Fire A100C-19  datasheet
Delta Fire A100C-25 NozzleDelta Fire A100C-25
Delta Fire A100C-25 Attack 100C constant flow nozzle capable of 125 liters per min
101~200, < 60, 1, Fixed
Download Delta Fire A100C-25  datasheet
Delta Fire A750C-52 NozzleDelta Fire A750C-52
Delta Fire A750C-52 Attack 750 constant flow nozzle capable of 750 liters per min
101~200, 176~300, Fog, 2.5, Fixed
Download Delta Fire A750C-52  datasheet
Delta Fire A750C-65 NozzleDelta Fire A750C-65
Delta Fire A750C-65 constant flow fire nozzle
Fog, Fixed
Download Delta Fire A750C-65  datasheet
Delta Fire Attack 125C-65 NozzleDelta Fire Attack 125C-65
Delta Fire Attack 125C-65 constant flow fire nozzle
Delta Fire Attack 150C-65 NozzleDelta Fire Attack 150C-65
Delta Fire Attack 150C-65 constant flow fire nozzle
Delta Fire Attack 250C-65 NozzleDelta Fire Attack 250C-65
Delta Fire Attack 250C-65 constant flow fire nozzle
Delta Fire Attack 285C-65 NozzleDelta Fire Attack 285C-65
Delta Fire Attack 285C-65 constant flow fire nozzle
Fog, Fixed
Delta Fire Attack 500 NozzleDelta Fire Attack 500
Delta Fire Attack 500 Select Flow Branch Nozzle with Spinning Teeth
101~200, 96~150, Fog, 2.5
Download Delta Fire Attack 500  datasheet
Delta Fire Attack Select Flow Nozzle NozzleDelta Fire Attack Select Flow Nozzle
Delta Fire Attack Select Flow Nozzle
2.5, Low Pressure
Delta Fire D46-12 GM NozzleDelta Fire D46-12 GM
Delta Fire D46-12 GM lever-operated fire nozzles
Delta Fire DO5A-GM NozzleDelta Fire DO5A-GM
Delta Fire DO5A-GM jet/spray short pattern nozzles
Delta Fire DO5B-GM NozzleDelta Fire DO5B-GM
Delta Fire DO5B-GM jet/spray short pattern nozzle
Delta Fire DO5C-GM NozzleDelta Fire DO5C-GM
Delta Fire DO5C-GM jet/spray short pattern nozzle
Delta Fire DSN4508B-38M/F NozzleDelta Fire DSN4508B-38M/F
Delta Fire DSN4508B-38M/F shockless fire nozzle
Delta Fire DSN4508B-50M/F NozzleDelta Fire DSN4508B-50M/F
Delta Fire DSN4508B-50M/F shockless fire nozzle
Delta Fire DSN450B-65NH NozzleDelta Fire DSN450B-65NH
Delta Fire DSN450B-65NH shockless 2.5 inch NH female nozzle
Delta Fire H500 Mid-Range NozzleDelta Fire H500 Mid-Range
Delta Fire H500 Mid-Range Automatic Mainline Branch, for use with layflat fire hose
101~200, Straight Stream, 2.5
Download Delta Fire H500 Mid-Range  datasheet
Delta Fire H500-25F NozzleDelta Fire H500-25F
Delta Fire- H500-25F Hose Reel Automatic Branch nozzle - 1 inch BSP female swivel thread
> 400, 96~150, 1, Automatic
Download Delta Fire H500-25F  datasheet
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