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Akron Brass 3463 MonitorAkron Brass 3463
Akron Brass 3463 FireFox Electric monitor - remote controlled monitor, up to 500 GPM flow
250~750, Deck Mount
Download Akron Brass 3463  datasheet
Cascade Fire Equipment 11925M MonitorCascade Fire Equipment 11925M
Cascade Fire Equipment 11925M firefighting monitor with 1.5 NPT male thread
Fixed, 250~750, NPT, 1.5, Deck Mount
Crestar PM500 MonitorCrestar PM500
Crestar PM500 portable monitor for quick attack operation with 500 GPM flow range
Portable, 250~750
Crestar RCME500 MonitorCrestar RCME500
Crestar RCME500 remote controlled monitor with joystick
250~750, NPT, 2.0
Dafo Fomtec Balder P - 20-3000-00 MonitorDafo Fomtec Balder P - 20-3000-00
Dafo Fomtec Balder P - 20-3000-00 firefighting portable monitor
Portable, 250~750, 2.5
Dafo Fomtec Frigg SP 1000 MonitorDafo Fomtec Frigg SP 1000
Dafo Fomtec Frigg SP 1000 branchpipe for use with portable oscillating monitors
Portable, 250~750, Pipe Mount
Guardian 7005 MonitorGuardian 7005
Guardian 7005 corrosion-resistant cast brass construction station monitor - 400 gpm
Fixed, 250~750, NPT, 2.0
Guardian 7015 MonitorGuardian 7015
Guardian 7015 station monitor - 360° horizontal rotation with twist lock mechanism
Fixed, 250~750, 2.5
Guardian 7050 MonitorGuardian 7050
Guardian 7050 portable monitor with compact folding legs for easy storage - 500 gpm
Portable, 250~750, 2.5
Haseen Habib WGWM-3000 MonitorHaseen Habib WGWM-3000
Haseen Habib WGWM-3000 - wheeled ground water monitor
HD Fire Protect M 211 MonitorHD Fire Protect M 211
HD Fire Protect M 211 monitor
Fixed, 250~750, 4.0
Download HD Fire Protect M 211  datasheet
HD Fire Protect M 241 MonitorHD Fire Protect M 241
HD Fire Protect M 241 stainless steel monitor
Fixed, 250~750, 4.0
Download HD Fire Protect M 241  datasheet
Stang 915000-1 MonitorStang 915000-1
Stang 915000-1 manual snorkel monitor with aluminum bronze swivels
250~750, NPT, 1.5
Stang 915000-51 MonitorStang 915000-51
Stang 915000-51 Monitor, 1.50 inches Snorkel W/4.0-150#RF, STL-AB
250~750, 1.5
Stang Manual Station Monitor - 1.50 MonitorStang Manual Station Monitor - 1.50
Stang Manual Station Monitor - 1.50 inches with max. flow rate 300 GPM
250~750, 1.5
Task Force Tips XX111A MonitorTask Force Tips XX111A
Task Force Tips XX111A portable blitzfire monitor
Portable, 250~750
Task Force Tips XX111A-HE MonitorTask Force Tips XX111A-HE
Task Force Tips XX111A-HE portable blitzfire monitor
Portable, 250~750, 2.5
Task Force Tips XX211A MonitorTask Force Tips XX211A
Task Force Tips XX211A oscillating monitor
250~750, 2.5
Task Force Tips XX211A-HE MonitorTask Force Tips XX211A-HE
Task Force Tips XX211A-HE high elevation oscillating monitor
250~750, 2.5
Task Force Tips XXC-32 MonitorTask Force Tips XXC-32
Task Force Tips XXC-32 portable monitor
Portable, 250~750
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