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Hannay Reels CR1614-17-18  Hose ReelHannay Reels CR1614-17-18 
Hannay Reels CR1614-17-18 manul and power rewind reels
50~100, 10
Hannay Reels CR1616-17-18  Hose ReelHannay Reels CR1616-17-18 
Hannay Reels CR1616-17-18 manul and power rewind reels
101~150, 10
Hannay Reels ELFCR1616-14-16  Hose ReelHannay Reels ELFCR1616-14-16 
Hannay Reels ELFCR1616-14-16 hose reel for on-site use
50~100, 10
Hannay Reels ELFCR1620-14-16  Hose ReelHannay Reels ELFCR1620-14-16 
Hannay Reels ELFCR1620-14-16 hose reel for on-site use
151~200, 10
Hannay Reels ELFCR1622-14-16  Hose ReelHannay Reels ELFCR1622-14-16 
Hannay Reels ELFCR1622-14-16 hose reel for on-site use
151~200, 10
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