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Amkus The Ultimate Extrication SystemAmkus The Ultimate
The Ultimate - the hydraulic power rescue system from Amkus
Aus-Rescue Aus-Jack Extrication SystemAus-Rescue Aus-Jack
Aus-Rescue Aus-Jack road rescue stabilisation system for emergency extrication
Holmatro HDO 100 Extrication SystemHolmatro HDO 100
Holmatro HDO 100 hydraulic door opener
Holmatro HDR 50 Extrication SystemHolmatro HDR 50
Holmatro HDR 50 hydraulic door opener
Spreaders, Hydraulic
LUKAS MSM-2D Extrication SystemLUKAS MSM-2D
LUKAS MSM-2D mobile control module
Download LUKAS MSM-2D  datasheet
LUKAS Telescopic rescue ram Extrication SystemLUKAS Telescopic rescue ram
LUKAS Telescopic rescue ram
Rams, Hydraulic
Download LUKAS Telescopic rescue ram  datasheet
Restech PLT Rescue 230 Extrication SystemRestech PLT Rescue 230
Restech PLT Rescue 230 pneumatic line thrower with min. shooting range 230 meters
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