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Delta Fire COA000138 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000138
Delta Fire COA000138 fire hose coupling
Delta Fire COA000145 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000145
Delta Fire COA000145 fire hose coupling
Delta Fire COA000152 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000152
Delta Fire COA000152 fire hose coupling
Delta Fire COA000164 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000164
Delta Fire COA000164 fire hose coupling
Delta Fire COA000238 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000238
Delta Fire COA000238 fire hose coupling
Delta Fire COA000245 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000245
Delta Fire COA000245 fire hose coupling
Delta Fire COA000252 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000252
Delta Fire COA000252 fire hose coupling
Delta Fire COA000264 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000264
Delta Fire COA000264 fire hose coupling
Delta Fire COA000270 Adapter/FittingDelta Fire COA000270
Delta Fire COA000270 fire hose coupling
Desautel DSP 40 Adapter/FittingDesautel DSP 40
Desautel DSP 40 locking cap
Download Desautel DSP 40  datasheet
DQE HM210 Adapter/FittingDQE HM210
DQE HM210 fire hose reducer coupling
1.5, Female/Female
Elkhart Brass 105 Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass 105
Elkhart Brass 105 adapter
3.0, 2.5, Female/Male
Download Elkhart Brass 105  datasheet
Elkhart Brass 3060 Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass 3060
Elkhart Brass 3060
NPT, 1.5, 1.5, Female/Female
Elkhart Brass 318 Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass 318
Elkhart Brass 318 adapter
4.5, 2.5, Female/Male
Download Elkhart Brass 318  datasheet
Elkhart Brass A-327 Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass A-327
Elkhart Brass A-327 adapter
1.5, 1.0, Female/Male
Download Elkhart Brass A-327  datasheet
Elkhart Brass A-327A Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass A-327A
Elkhart Brass A-327A
2.5, 2.5, Female/Male
Elkhart Brass D-327 Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass D-327
Elkhart Brass D-327 adapter
2.5, 1.5, Female/Male
Download Elkhart Brass D-327  datasheet
Elkhart Brass D-327A Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass D-327A
Elkhart Brass D-327A
2.5, 1.5, Female/Male
Elkhart Brass F-327 Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass F-327
Elkhart Brass F-327 adapter
2.5, 2.5, Female/Female
Download Elkhart Brass F-327  datasheet
Elkhart Brass F-327A Adapter/FittingElkhart Brass F-327A
Elkhart Brass F-327A adapter
Aluminum, 2.5, 2.5, Female/Female
Download Elkhart Brass F-327A  datasheet
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