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Würzburg State Fire School's new Metz L32

Published on 7 May 2009

The Würzburg State Fire School's new Metz L32 - the aerial ladder was delivered in December 08
The Würzburg State Fire School's new Metz L32 aerial ladder
Fire School gets up to date with new aerial ladder

The Würzburg State Fire School received a new aerial ladder in December 2008. The aerial ladder type Metz L32 meets the requirements of DLA(K) 23/12 according to DIN EN 14 043 and is completely CAN bus-controlled. The chassis is an MAN TGM 15.280 series, with an output of 206 kW, automatic transmission, an air-ride rear axle and a backup camera. The four-section aerial ladder is equipped with a 3-person cage.

For training purposes, the aerial ladder has an electrically driven hydraulic pump that can be operated using the power grid or a power generator. As a result, the ladder can be moved even if the vehicle engine is switched off.

Background noise and exhaust emissions are kept to a minimum, which is a considerable benefit during training. Furthermore, an additional LCD screen is provided in one of the compartments, so that participants in training can easily follow the operating states from the ground.

Also two SCBA units, a positive pressure fan with a cage bracket, a portable 14 kVA power generator with remote start, a Powermoon illumination balloon, a scoop stretcher including stretcher support, and a fall protection set are all provided to ensure that the fire-fighting equipment satisfies the standards.

With the current aerial ladder model, the State Fire Schools remain up to date, so that they can provide practice-based training of firefighters in Bavaria. The vehicle is used for training aerial ladder operators in all Bavarian fire schools.

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