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The British Fire Consortium supports Firex North 2010

Published on 11 October 2010
British Fire Consortium's president supports Firex North 2010
Graham Newman, BFC President

The British Fire Consortium (BFC) has announced its plans to exhibit at the UK’s premier Fire industry exhibition and seminar Firex North 2010.

The event represents an important component in the BFC’s drive to grow its membership over the next 48 months to make it Britain’s premier trade association representing the interests of fire industry professionals and their end-users.

The recruitment drive comes at a crucial period for the likes of the BFC at a time when public perception of health & safety issues is one of needless bureaucracy and severely flawed business practices. A change in government, meanwhile, looks set to usher in a round of swingeing cuts in quangoes as part of much-needed cuts in public spending.

“Misperceptions about what a trade association like BFC actually does have overshadowed the important and very practical benefits we bring to the country’s fire professionals,” explains BFC president Graham Newman. “We now need to focus on the core services we provide to make our members more efficient and better able to serve their customers’ needs. Compliance with standards like ISO EN 9000 is only one aspect of what we offer. Ongoing training and other member benefits are designed to give our subscribers tremendous added value to BFC membership.”

As part of the Consortium’s sponsorship and active support for the exhibition and its visitors, the BFC will waive its £250 joining fee for all fire industry professionals who take out membership over the two days of the show at Manchester Central (formerly the GMex Centre).

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