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SubSurfaceFilm Antimicrobial Wood Protection now Patent Pending

Published on 7 December 2010
ECOBlu products for protection against fire

ECoBlu products has filed a Patent Pending for its new technology defining the chemical properties

EcoBlu Products successfully developed the company's own intellectual property.

EcoBlu Products, Inc. announced that the company has successfully developed a proprietary product line of lumber treatments that employ protection against Fire, Mold/Mycotoxin, Termites and other wood ingesting insects.

The company has developed the latest technology and has filed a Patent Pending defining the chemical properties as well as the application of such technology to the building industry. Utilizing advanced polymer technology and other constituents the company has successfully developed a Non Toxic product line reducing the overall end user costs allowing the inclusion of Fire Inhibiting (FRC Technology) as standard offerings in all future shipments.

After months of development and product verification the company is now ready to start shipping the SubSurfaceFilm™ wood protection formula. EcoBlu Products will incorporate the new product line into our affiliate program allowing lumber companies around the world to start utilizing the newly released lumber treatments within our quality control program.

"The timing for us to release our new product line is perfect. While housing starts are slow in the USA and our international business is starting to gain traction it is the ideal time for our new product introduction," said Steve Conboy, President and CEO of EcoBlu Products. "I put a major focus on the new product line development a few months ago emphasizing the addition of fire protection at a price point everyone can afford," added Conboy.

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