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SIDES fire fighting trucks to help protect Russian airport

SIDES fire fighting trucks to help protect Russian airport

Russia's Domodedovo Airport has selected SIDES to supply the airport with four rapid intervention fire fighting trucks. The equipment will provide runway protection, aircraft fire fighting capability, and foam laying capacity in the event of emergency crash landings.

"This is definitely a breakthrough contract for both SIDES and UTC Fire & Security in Russia, particularly given the size and growth potential of this market," said Rafi Krikorian, Director of Sales at SIDES. "The Russian market requires foreign companies to comply with its unique fire safety and aviation security regulations." The contract is valued at more than two million US Dollars.

The ARFF type VMA112 M vehicles have a 10,000 litre water tank and capacity for 1,500 litres of foam. In addition a SIDES water pump driven by the vehicle's engine is capable of discharging 6,000 liters of water per minute. The trucks will also be equipped with a fully automatic foam proportioning system and a power-assisted foam monitor to efficiently spread the foam over the fire.

Domodedovo is Russia's largest airport servicing the greater Moscow metropolitan area. Recently upgraded, the airport transported over 15 million passengers in 2006 and works with 72 partner airlines flying to 207 destinations in Russia and around the world.

SIDES, part of UTC Fire & Security, is a global leader in the manufacture and design of airport rescue and fire fighting vehicles. Headquartered in Saint-Nazaire, Cedex, France, SIDES offers a complete range of fire fighting vehicles which meet the requirements stipulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization and other regulating bodies around the world.

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