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Rosenbauer's hybrid energy system for fire service vehicles was premiered at Interschutz

Published on 5 July 2010
The hybrid energy system for fire service vehicle by Rosenbauer
Rosenbauer presented its first EPS to large
number of audience at Interschutz 2010

 Rosenbauerhas developed the first hybrid energy system for fire service vehicles. With the exception of centrifugal pumps, the innovative Electric Power System (EPS) provides all consumers in the superstructure with electrical power. The first vehicle to have this new energy system was put into operation by the Aschheim Volunteer Fire Service in April 2010.

Rosenbauer has presented the EPS to a large specialist audience for the first time in combination with the new AT at the INTERSCHUTZ 2010. In addition to extinguishing with water and the centrifugal pumps required for this purpose, a growing volume of operational equipment has to be operated both on and from vehicles. The increasing demands of the fire service regarding the carrying of additional electrical devices has resulted in existing generators being pushed to their capacity limits, or in case of the installation of larger generators, a massive space requirement. Complex hydraulic solutions are required in order that a generator can be operated at the same time as a centrifugal pump. To date, it was only possible to run a generator, which must operate at a constant speed, in combination with an integrated pump by means of a hydraulic drive.

A revolutionary energy system for fire service vehicles

This system not only supplies fire service but it is also maintenance-free drive system for electrically powered equipments

Using EPS, the integrated pump continues to be directly powered via the auxiliary drive. However, a second auxiliary drive is also employed to power a new type of high-performance generator, which supplies speed-independent, electrical energy to the 600 V d.c. onboard power supply in the superstructure. Via converters, the individual consumers are provided with current from this d.c. system in the form of standard 400 V a.c. The generator starts automatically. It supplies up to 140 kVA, which represents enough energy to feed all the required electrical systems in the vehicle. This means that not only electrically powered equipment such as rescue devices, lighting or overpressure fans can be fed flexibly in the vehicle, but also high-performance, proportioning and compressed air foam systems can be powered via the EPS and individually regulated. In addition, high output electrical energy is also available for emergency supplies. Thus the system not only furnishes fire services with a versatile power supply, but also a largely maintenance-free drive system for electrically powered equipment.

Exclusively from Rosenbauer

The patented system consisting of the generator, converters and electrical consumers can be matched to any customer requirements and hence all categories of vehicle. The system, including the safety systems corresponds with DIN 1468. The development of the high-performance generator and the matching converters took place in partnership with specialists and as a result, these system components are only available from Rosenbauer.

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