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Rosenbauer introduces new Metz rescue cage at Interschutz 2010

Published on 9 July 2010
Metz rescue cage with higher rescue rate
The increased live load from 270 to 450 kg
resulted in a higher rescue rate

Rosenbauer showcased its special vehicles at Interschutz 2010 with new Metz rescue cage re-engineered for even more freedom of movement and an increased live load.

The most noteworthy improvement of the new Metz rescue cage is the increased live load from 270 to 450 kg resulting in a higher rescue rate.

Four people in the cage

The cage was optimized without increasing its dead weight, so that there are no restrictions in its horizontal reach. Especially the rescue of heavy individuals is considerably facilitated: Next to the individual to be rescued with a weight of up to 250 kg who might have to be transported on a stretcher (20 kg), two additional people (180 kg) can now be carried, e.g. emergency physician and fire fighter. For this reason, the live load of the stretcher support was increased from 200 kg to 250 kg. The floor space of the cage was also increased. It now amounts to more than one gross square meter (0.91 m² projected platform area) and therefore, offers room for four people according to DIN instead of three as has been the case up to now.

Large, free entry points

The accesses to the cage were also optimized: Three entry points at the front, one in the tailboard. They all come equipped with fold-down railings in order to access the cage upright. In addition to this, one central wide entry point centered at the front - with a folding ladder - and one centered at the rear. The two front entry points at the sides can be expanded towards the outside in the hip area, in order to give the boarding individuals more room. This solution is especially advantageous when operational units are equipped with SCBA. A new door mechanism increases the space on the cage floor so that the four people in the cage are not constrained by the door elements. Entry points and the dimensions of the cage are in accordance with the European standard for aerial ladders EN 14043.

Ergonomically Optimized

The new patented lowering device for the swiveling stretcher support (SKL) is an important improvement

The new patented lowering device for the swiveling stretcher support (SKL) is an important improvement. The stretcher can now be lowered to an ergonomic height so that the operational units can remove it safely. It can be easily mounted onto the cage and is automatically locked into place by catches in two places. All crossover points are standardized and safe to step on.

As is usual the control panel can be swiveled. Therefore they are always there where you need it, but never in the way. Locked into place at the left side, the operator in the cage always has eye-contact with the operator at the main control panel. In addition the joystick movements are indicated by backlit-pictograms to make operation at night easier and it now is in one line with the foot pedal making it more ergonomic. It is operated by a joystick just like the main control panel and the panels at the supports, the displays are in color. The bottom of the cage is closed, in order to protect the crew from heat radiation from below.

More Light

New high-power LEDs integrated into the bottom of the cage, as well as floodlights at the front, which can also be ordered in an LED version, provide for a better illumination of the cage and the operational area. They do not blind the entering individuals and are integrated into the bottom of the cage. Furthermore the new Metz rescue cage comes equipped with its own fittings for attaching 1000 W flood lights, the fire department safety belt and for attaching remote controllable displays such as the new Rosenbauer RM15C.

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