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Rosenbauer earns trust of German fire departments with quality fire vehicles

Published on 26 March 2010

Rosenbauer provides fire fighting vehicles to German fire departments
Many German fire departments rely on Rosenbauer for its excellent fire vehicles
With a comprehensive selection of fire-fighting technology products, Rosenbauer is a recognized partner to German professional fire departments.

Many of these professional fire departments already have tailor-made vehicles by Rosenbauer.

Rescue vehicles deployed by professional fire departments are globally deployable. To reflect this, Rosenbauer has the matching vehicles like cabins for crews of between 1 and 8, various tank capacities and extinguishing agents, the right fire-fighting solution for any operation, user-friendly holding devices for a wide range of equipment, and modern vehicle design. For Rosenbauer, custom-building to reflect customer requirements with respect to standards and operation tactics has top priority.

They always and exclusively use state-of-the-art materials, and their products are built in line with the latest production methods. The Aluminum Technology (AT) vehicle design with an integrated crew cabin in the 9 to 18 ton class is now increasingly being used by Germany's professional fire departments due to its wide range of equipment options and state-of-the-art fire-fighting technology.

Recover, rescue, extinguish and protect

Germany currently has around 100 professional fire departments. The wide range of tasks the professional fire departments handle span fire fighting and hazard protection, disaster protection and even some elements of emergency rescue services. Technical aid is another very important - field covered by professional fire departments. In fact, only some 30% of all operations are fire-fighting operations. For this reason, fire department vehicles with their technical equipment play an essential supporting role in any professional fire department operation.

The following list mentions the professional fire departments that recently received, or placed orders for vehicles, and represent all of Rosenbauer customers in Germany:

For Rosenbauer, custom-building to reflect customer requirements with respect to standards and operation tactics has top priority

  • Berlin Fire Department
  • Heilbronn Professional Fire Department
  • Bonn Professional Fire Department
  • Augsburg Professional Fire Department
  • Ludwigshafen Professional Fire Department
  • Krefeld Professional Fire Department
  • Regensburg Professional Fire Department

The vehicles are ATs based on the tried-and-trusted aluminum technology vertical rib body model. The vehicles built by Rosenbauer have completely different elements, despite using the same basic body concept, in order to cater to the individual needs of the professional fire departments.

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