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ROSENBAUER donates two FOX portable pumps to deserving fire services

Published on 9 July 2009

Sales Manager Stefan Gugerbauer, ESEPA President Nikos Sachinidis and ROSENBAUER CEO Julian Wagner pose with the FOX pump ROSENBAUER donated to ESEPA
Sales Manager Stefan Gugerbauer, ESEPA President Nikos Sachinidis and ROSENBAUER CEO Julian Wagner with the donated FOX pump

Greek aid organisation ESEPA and Racot Fire Service from Poland both awarded pumps

The ROSENBAUER Group President and CEO Julian Wagner, has handed over FOX portable pumps to both the Greek aid organization, ESEPA, and the Racot volunteer fire service from the county of Koscian, Poland.

Nikos Sachinidis, the ESEPA president, gratefully accepted this gift and said: "We are delighted that ROSENBAUER has chosen to support the Greek aid organization with such a top quality product."

The second portable Fire Pump went to western Poland and the Racot volunteer fire service, which has two fire-fighting vehicles, 125 members and a small firehouse.

With these donations, ROSENBAUER has made an important contribution to fire services that are in urgent need of equipment in times where virtually no free budgetary funding is available. Julian Wagner, the ROSENBAUER International AG President and CEO commented: "Poland and Greece are long-term ROSENBAUER export markets. I am pleased that with the pumps we have been able to help these two deserving fire services."


Representatives from ROSENBAUER and Koscian county pose with the second FOX pumps donated by ROSENBAUER
ROSENBAUER and Koscian county representatives pose with the second FOX pump

The ESEPA (Voluntary Corps of Greek Firemen and Replanters) is a state-approved, Hellenic aid organisation and operates under the umbrella of the Greek civil defence body, "Politki Prostasia". The ESEPA was founded in 1999 by Nikos Sachinidis, with the aim of establishing the concept of voluntary fire services in Greece in line with international models (above all Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

In Greece, there are no professional fire services under municipal control, but merely a state service, which is organized and administered at national level. This means that rural areas and villages frequently have no organized fire-fighting capacity and are dependent upon help arriving overland from the larger towns. Unfortunately, this situation often results in small fires going out of control and large areas of land being devastated.

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