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POK and Supervac donate electronic scoreboard

POK and Supervac donate electronic scoreboard

Since its inception, the Firefighter Combat Challenge has been missing an essential component: the ability to visually disseminate results and other pertinent information to spectators.

In the first year of the Challenge, a car-paint finished sheet of metal, measuring 4'x8' was used as a platform for magnetic letters and numbers. Needless to say, the effort required to post scores was fraught with a time-delay of significant proportions.  Other interim solutions included dry-erase boards and sliding tiles. But, these rather inadequate attempts were so "bush league" that they were abandoned in favor of waiting for the real solution: an electronic billboard.

Now, after ten years of waiting, POK and SuperVac deliver a gigantic 8' x 8' LED-powered, animated scoreboard.  Colorado Timing Systems of Loveland is one of the leading fabricators of outdoor displays and was the logical solution for the Challenge scoreboard.

The 400-pound unit will be hung from the top of the Challenge tower via a specially fabricated swivel arm and is controlled by a laptop computer. Everyone on the course will be able to see the names and numbers (even in bright daylight) of any competitor currently on the course.  Additionally, important messages can be flashed to all - eliminating one of the complaints frequently heard at the Challenge: "I couldn't hear my name being called."

The unit is pre-programmed with a number of animated graphics including an American Flag as well as such crowd pleasers as "Awesome," "New Record!," as well as hands clapping and even a mouse that says, "Shhh!" Although we've never had a need to instill quiet.  Customized graphics of the Challenge, POK and SuperVac will also grace the display.

Steve Tinberg, national sales manager for POK was instrumental in effecting the deal between Colorado Timing Systems and the Challenge.  Jean-Marc Tassé, president of POK of North America started the quest to secure a scoreboard in 1999.  Cost was a barrier, but through the efforts of Steve, SuperVac was recruited as a partner in the venture.

POK, the world's largest fire appliance company has recently announced its relocation from France to Cambridge, Maryland.  The logical marketing step for POK was to associate itself with the most dynamic and visible presence within North America, the Firefighter Combat Challenge.  Clearly, the funding of the scoreboard was an excellent tool to show the fire service its support. SuperVac, managed by Roger and Ron Weinmeister have had a strong interest in the Challenge for several years and have competed in the Exhibitor's Challenge at the IAFC for the past two years. SuperVac is an industry leader in the fabrication of fans and scene lighting.

The scoreboard was installed during the week of August 6 and saw its first use in Cheyenne on the 11th of August, 2001.

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