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Penbrook police department now in eco-friendly uniforms by Perfection Uniforms

COst saver Uniforms for local police department by perfection uniforms
Local police department's
'new blue' is green, too

Perfection Uniforms introduces new eco-friendly uniforms for Penbrook Police department.

In Dauphin County, Penbrook Police formally unveiled new uniforms. The chief says they will not only save the borough money, but also help the environment.

No matter the weather - hot, cold, snow, rain - police are still out on the streets doing their jobs.

"A lot of time on an accident scene, or if you get called to something that's a hot call, you don't time to throw a raincoat on," said Officer Ronald Frederick.

Now, he'll stay drier, thanks to his new eco-friendly uniform. "It's amazing," Frederick said. "It does not feel like there is any plastic in it. It almost feels like our old uniforms."

"It's a process that in the summertime keeps you cool, and in the wintertime keeps you warm," said Sam Beam of Hess Embroidery & Uniforms. "It's a process that's in the material, it's not a spray-on coating."

"In this case, Penbrook is buying a 65 percent poly, 35 percent cotton shirt and pant," said John Lavin of Perfection Uniforms. "Six bottles were taken from a landfill, recycled, and the poly are the uniform shirt and pant."

The attire is also a cost saver. No dry cleaning, just wash-and-wear.

"We are being environmentally friendly at a cheaper cost," said Penbrook Mayor Kenneth Cramer. "It's a win-win."

Especially since the $3,500 price tag is being picked up by York Waste Disposal, the borough's trash vendor.

"We consider ourselves innovators as well," said Don Isabella of York Waste Disposal. "When it comes to trash and recycling, this was an idea we could get behind."

Penbrook Police Chief Dave Heister hopes other departments will and consider the new "blue," too.

"I would hope they would embrace this notion of using the recycled products when it makes sense for them," said Heister. "It makes sense for us, and I hope it will move in to the mainstream clothing market, too."

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