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Navistar "remains the best for medium duty trucks"

Published on 13 September 2010
The new MaxForce V8 engine offers great endurance and stability to the vehicles
MaxxForce 7 V-8 engine offers 300 horsepower, 660 lb-ft. torque

Navistar is implementing a series of comprehensive sales training “boot camps” to get dealer sales representatives up to speed with the myriad of advantages delivered by International medium-duty trucks.

As International brand medium-duty commercial trucks reached in their 20th consecutive year as the market share leader, Navistar is not resting in its efforts to meet and exceed the needs of medium-duty truck customers. Along with great products like the all new MaxxForce 7 V8 and the introduction of the all-new Class 4/5 International TerraStar work truck this fall, Navistar is implementing a series of comprehensive sales training “boot camps” to get dealer sales representatives up to speed with the myriad of advantages delivered by International medium-duty trucks.

“International medium-duty trucks have been the benchmark in the industry for past three decades and have served as the foundation of global transportation,” said Jim Hebe, Navistar senior vice president, North American sales operations. “With our innovative, dependable line-up of products and customer-focused support capabilities, we have no intention of relinquishing our leadership position in this important segment.”

Medium-duty boot camps

Over the next several weeks, dealer sales representatives from International dealerships across the United States and Canada are participating in a series of in-depth, comprehensive sales training events. Along with new insights into the features, benefits and service support for the International DuraStar and International TerraStar, these “boot camp” training sessions also include a deep-dive competitive analysis and a ride-and-drive opportunity of all leading medium-duty competitive products.

“To ensure our success, we constantly ask ourselves, can we raise the bar even higher?” Hebe added. “We have set high standards for how we perform because we have the products, dealers and support to exceed those standards.”

Navistar still remains the leader in medium duty trucks

All-new MaxxForce 7 V-8 engine offers 300 horsepower, 660 lb-ft. torque

The all-new 6.4-liter MaxxForce 7 includes a new rugged 300-horsepower, 660 lb-ft torque model that offers medium truck owners outstanding fuel economy and low overall cost of ownership. The MaxxForce 7 powers all standard-cab models of the Class 6/7 DuraStar and the new Class 4/5 TerraStar commercial trucks.

The MaxxForce 7 is built from a compacted graphite iron (CGI) block that brings increased durability and lower noise without added weight, compared to typical gray iron. Because CGI has at least 75 percent higher tensile strength, 45 percent higher stiffness and near double the fatigue strength of gray iron, castings don’t have to be as thick and heavy in order to achieve the desired structural integrity and durability. In fact, with the durability and reliability of the MaxxForce 7, the B50 life of the engine has been extended to an industry-leading 500,000 miles.

“The MaxxForce 7 V-8 marks one of the most significant product upgrades in our history as we met the market’s challenge for big power from an efficient, reliable and durable platform,” said Mike Cerilli, vice president, marketing, Navistar Truck Group. “Customers whose business involves pickup and delivery, towing and recovery, landscape or emergency vehicles such as ambulances, will find the MaxxForce 7 to be the perfect fit for their operations with true commercial vehicle power, durability and capability.” 

MaxForce 7 V-8 diesel engine has superb capabilities in terms of torque and engine capabilities

The all-new class 4/5 International TerraStar

As the International TerraStar hits the market in the weeks and months ahead, it will set a new standard in the Class 4/5 truck market with a wide range of commercial-duty features from its commercial-duty MaxxForce 7 V-8 diesel engine to the largest, roomiest cab available.

“The International TerraStar comes from the same blood lines as the rest of our commercial truck line-up,” Cerilli added. “Its commercial-duty design will change the game in the work truck market by offering one of the most capable, most versatile and most drivable trucks in its class.”

At the heart of the new International TerraStar is its all-new 300 horsepower, 6.4-liter MaxxForce 7 V-8 engine, delivering 660 lb.-ft. torque. This engine features a compacted graphite iron (CGI) block which offers high strength without added weight. The MaxxForce 7 will be matched with a commercial-duty Allison 1000 transmission to optimize its power output.

The TerraStar includes MaxxForce Advanced EGR emissions technology, the only no-hassle emissions technology in its class. With MaxxForce Advanced EGR, customers won’t have the worry or inconvenience of finding or filling liquid urea. And, with no added SCR after treatment equipment, the TerraStar provides a clean, clear chassis for easy body and equipment mounting, with no added weight.

While built on a strong and durable commercial-duty platform, the TerraStar is also easy to operate. The TerraStar has best-in-class visibility 28 percent more than the market leader. And, with an industry-best 107-inch BBC (bumper to back-of-cab) length and a 44-foot curb-to-curb turning radius, it offers outstanding maneuverability in even the tightest work environments.

TerraStar features more interior space and easy engine access

The TerraStar features a true commercial-duty truck cab with 30 percent more cab interior space than the market leader, allowing plenty of room for three adults to fit comfortably in the front seat. The TerraStar will also be offered with optional extended cab or crew cab configurations. The TerraStar delivers unmatched serviceability with a commercial style tilt-away hood that offers unobstructed access to the engine compartment, making routine and schedule maintenance quick and easy.

In addition, the International TerraStar features the International Diamond Logic electrical system, one of the most advanced electrical multiplexing architectures available in commercial trucks. Diamond Logic maximizes ease of body integration and helps deliver a number of smart, customizable features for added convenience and safety such as automated pre-trip inspections, headlights on with wipers, interlocks, programmable switches and more depending on the application.

“With the introduction of the International TerraStar powered by the MaxxForce 7, there is no other truck manufacturer in the industry today with as complete a line-up of integrated trucks and engines,” Hebe added. “The addition of TerraStar gives us a product line-up that can serve virtually any truck need, spanning from Class 4 to Class 8.”

The legendary reliability of the International DuraStar

International DuraStar has surged ahead in terms of advanced operating features

Over the last 30 years, International brand medium-duty trucks have held between 25 and 50 percent of the total medium-duty truck business. In fact, for the past 20 years, as new players have entered the market attempting to duplicate our success, International medium-duty trucks have been the market leader, establishing an unmatched reputation for durability and performance. Fixing downed power lines, towing vehicles off the side of the highway, racing to a fire all jobs that require constant uptime and attention, and all jobs that the International DuraStar is ready to handle.

The International DuraStar includes customer friendly features like an industry leading spacious 82-inch wide cab and its best-in-class three-piece, high-strength composite hood which requires only 15.7 lbs of hood tilt effort. And, perhaps, the most customer-friendly feature in the industry, MaxxForce Advanced EGR emissions technology the only no-hassle emissions technology that doesn’t require an operator to find or fill liquid urea.

With the power of the new MaxxForce 7 or the legendary MaxxForce DT, along with the proven reliability of the Diamond Logic electrical system, DuraStar caters to the widest possible range of vocations, all with one goal in mind get the job done, and keep the customer ready for whatever the next day brings.

“Our DuraStar is far and away the most durable, dependable and customer-friendly medium-duty truck in the industry,” Hebe added. “When we add the TerraStar to our medium-duty line-up, International medium-duty trucks offer the medium-duty customer the most complete line-up of rugged, reliable trucks available.”

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