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Mul-T-Lock’s MT5 high security locking system installed on Stockport Homes fire doors

Published on 28 May 2012
Stockport Homes installs Mul-T-Lock’s patented MT5 high security locking system on all fire doors
Mul-T-Lock’s patented MT5 high security locking system is fitted on all newly installed fire doors

Stockport Homes has installed Mul-T-Lock’s patented MT5 high security locking system on all newly installed fire doors, to create a master key suite and balance resident reassurance with the need for emergency escape.

Stockport Homes is a limited company that exists to manage the housing stock owned by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. The core role of the Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) is to ensure all of its homes are well maintained and its neighbourhoods are pleasant and safe places to live.

Following research from the National Fire Statistics, Stockport Homes has installed new fire doors to comply with current legislation and at the same time, contacted local locksmiths City Lock & Safe to seek advice on suitable security solutions.

City Lock & Safe recommended Mul-T-Lock’s patented high security locking system. To date MT5 cylinders have been fitted to new fire doors, and City Lock & Safe manages every key and keeps a strict record on who has access to Stockport Homes’ properties.

Says Rodger Stead from Stockport Homes: “The deaths of six people in the Camberwell fire of 2009 prompted many social landlords to review the level of fire protection in their housing stock, Stockport Homes was no different.

“At the same time as installing the new fire doors in place, we made a strategic decision to upgrade the cylinders to high security MT5 master key suite solution.  Not only does this offer our residents a more improved safety package, but also delivers necessary efficiency savings to Stockport Homes.”

MT5 is a fifth generation high security cylinder solution from Mul-T-Lock. Tom Clarke from City Lock & Safe added: “The best feature for Stockport Homes is that the MT5 system can operate as a master key system, allowing only authorised and identified people to have keys cut by us on our dedicated automated KC5 key cutting machine.”

“As each MT5key is cut to a specific security encrypted reference on a designated key machine, we can only cut original keys, not copies, to ensure every key works perfectly every time. This prevents the production of unauthorised duplicate keys, ensuring Stockport Homes can be sure exactly who has keys to their properties.”

Stockport Homes is already looking at its Fire Risk Assessment works (FRAS) budgets for next year to ensure we can continue the installation of the MT5 system, to maintain key control across the multi tenancy property portfolio and continue with City Lock & Safe to manage the master key system.

Steve Ross, Managing Director at Mul-T-Lock added: “By considering hardware solutions at the same time as installing new doors, social landlords who need to optimise budget capabilities can deliver efficiencies and savings alongside essential security measures for residents.”

“Mul-T-Lock is committed to working closely with our business partners to ensure the correct specifications are delivered. This way more social housing landlords can reap the benefits of a total security solution, like Stockport Homes and its residents have experienced with upgrading to an MT5 master key suite.”

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