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Motorola brings customized innovation to German public security market with new TETRA Terminal

Published on 27 May 2009

Motorola have unveiled a new, customized product for the German public security market at TETRA World Congress (TWC) 2009
Motorola have unveiled the MTP850FuG at TETRA World Congress 2009
Debuting at TETRA World Congress, mission critical solution provides increased power and easy transition from analogue to digital technology

To meet the challenging mission critical needs of German Public Safety officials, Motorola has created a new TETRA terminal: the MTP850FuG, launched at TETRA World Congress (TWC) this week. Based on the portable Motorola MTP850 terminal, the new MTP850FuG includes all the core features of a regular 850 - including secure, reliable voice and data communications - but adds an even more robust design to support officials working in the most extreme conditions. Plus a new set of services and features allows the end user a smooth and easy migration phase from analog to TETRA digital radio.

The MTP850FuG, which is available later this year and is being shown this week at TETRA World Congress in Motorola booth, Stand D301, Hall C1, International Congress Centre (ICM), Munich, Germany, also boasts a variety of functions and features that make it unique including:

  • FMS Status Application - allowing the end user to transmit the current resource or vehicle status to the dispatcher automatically without verbal communication
  • Acoustic Receipt - an audible "acknowledgement" tone which is triggered by a double push on the Push-to-Talk button, so the console knows that the radio user has heard the message and acknowledged it - a feature that has proven its worth in analogue radio devices
  • Man Down Alarm - broadcasts an emergency alarm if the user stops moving for a period of time or if the device tilts over a certain angle (due to a fall or accident) along with GPS tracking info to help locate the user.

"Mission critical situations demand the highest possible degree of attentiveness and concentration from emergency personnel in the fire, police and rescue services. A user-friendly technology that supports users in their work is therefore extremely important. With the MTP850 FuG, we offer an intuitive, easy to use solution that meets the special requirements of the German public safety authorities", says Alexander Burghardt, MSSI Vice President Central Europe & Russia, Motorola GmbH.

The MTP850FuG also includes expanded emergency call scenarios, such as the automatic switching to Direct Mode Operations (DMO) after Trunked Mode Operations (TMO), when no response to an emergency call is received. It enables users to raise alarms via callout services or paging and offers a number of additional advantages that contribute to overall improved efficiency including:

  • A new and more robust 12-PIN-BOS accessory connection ensures that accessories can be reliably connected to the MTP850 FuG at any time
  • ETSI Class 3L (1.8W) transmit power and increased receiver sensitivity for improved coverage in TMO and DMO operations, ensuring officers can communicate over a wider area, delivering improved coverage in buildings or built-up areas
  • The certified end-to-end encryption with SIM card in accordance with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) requirements ensures the secure transmission of voice and data
  • Direct access to databases with an integrated WAP browser
  • Via the data transmission process Short Data Service (SDS) channel switching and other functions can be controlled remotely

The features of the MTP850 FuG comply with the demands and interoperability requirements of The Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organisations (Bundesanstalt für den Digitalfunk der Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben, BDBOS).

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