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Mobile Concepts upgrades special service vehicles as a money-saver

Published on 4 July 2011
Mobile Concepts by Scotty can upgrade both new and old fire and emergency service vehicles
Mobile Concepts' services can effectively save fire departments money

Be it an own model or that of another manufacturer: Mobile Concepts by Scotty upfits new and old mobile commands, as well as various other commercial vehicles.

Be it upfitting, remanufacturing, retrofitting, upgrading, customisation or re-purposing, Mobile Concepts offers cost-effective options to enhance current motorised vehicles, trailers, shipping containers and tractor trailer.

Such has been the case with a 2005 LDV mobile command. By simply taking advantage of Mobile Concepts’ upgrade services, Baltimore County Maryland have extended the life of command, reduced downtime and significantly cut spending.

 “The turnaround time for interior and exterior refurbishment is drastically faster than a new build project,” says Ray Podvorec, Mobile Concepts manufacturing manager. “Baltimore County’s command upgrade only took a few weeks, and they are now equipped with the latest technology equipment."

The addition of new technology and features to older systems boosts vehicle performance, improves safety and increases multi-use capabilities, among other benefits.

Examples of available upgrades are improvement of work station functionality and use of space, enhancement of audio/video components, outlets and connections, high-tech communications, battery systems,  satellites and other communication antennas, masts, cameras or scene lighting and updates to graphics, finishes and options.

“We also offer upgrades and updates to current mobile command trailers, which meet requirements set forth by the Department of Homeland Security to qualify as a FEMA type III mobile command trailer,” adds Vice President of Sales Chris Simon.

Some examples of additions for a type 3 command are radio frequency transceivers, satellite systems, computer assisted dispatch and high-tech computer systems.

“Not too long ago, we built a brand new mobile command trailer for March Air Force Base. They chose one of our standard mobile command floor plans (Command35- 4WS) and had us include the features of the FEMA 3 [FEMA Type-III Mobile EOC),” explains Simon. “We can update any new or old model to qualify as a FEMA 3 trailer.”

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