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London Fire Brigade museum to be opened for public on Story of London Festival

Published on 8 October 2010
One of the most interesting exhibits of the London Fire Brigade Museum that will display the London firefighters evolution since yesteryears till date

Motorised wheeled escape ladder, one of the London Fire Brigade Museum exhibits

London Fire Brigade’s museum will display the evolution of the capital’s firefighters, during its open day on Friday, 8th October 2010.

From antique fire engines and Victorian uniforms, to the world’s most advanced fire equipment, London Fire Brigade’s museum is set to tell the story of the capital’s firefighters, during its open day on Friday 8th October in Southwark, south London.

The museum - usually only available via booked tours - will open its doors as part of the Story of London Festival - organised by the Mayor of London, and welcome everyone interested in the capital’s firefighting evolution. Exhibits illustrate the history of organised firefighting in London, from the Great Fire of London in 1666 and Chief Officer Massey Shaw’s role in London’s first public fire service, to the Second World War and the Blitz. Uniforms and equipment currently used by London firefighters will also be available on display.

Jane Rugg, the museum’s curator said: "We’re expecting hundreds of people to join us on the day and take the opportunity to step back into the past and learn about the development of the London Fire Brigade, the world’s third largest fire and rescue service.

"A variety of uniforms will be available for everyone to try on and experience first hand how it feels to be a London firefighter throughout history. We also have a collection of items relating to Massey Shaw, a very influential character in the development of the Brigade, including his silver coated helmet and medals."

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