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London Fire Brigade firefighters urge Londoners to stay safe this Christmas

A group of London firefighters were joined by Eastenders star, Cliff Parisi, who is the Brigade's celebrity supporter, to reveal a giant smoking plug socket in Trafalgar Square

London's firefighters have launched a Christmas fire safety campaign

The aim of the campaign is to remind people to take care with candles and not to overload plug sockets this Christmas.

London's firefighters have launched a Christmas fire safety campaign to remind people of the dangers of house fires over the festive season. The Brigade has just released new figures which show that electrical problems, such as overloaded plug sockets, and candles, cause more house fires in London in December, than in any other month.

London Fire Brigade Assistant Commissioner for Community Safety, Andy Hickmott, said: "We want everyone to have a happy Christmas but would like to remind people to be careful.

It's tempting to plug several sets of fairy lights and other electrical equipment into one socket but I'd really advise against that. Sockets can quickly overheat and this can lead to serious fires".

Assistant Commissioner Hickmott also warned about the dangers of candles: "Candles look great, especially at this time of year, but they can be lethal if not used with care. Quite simply, candles left unattended can be a disaster waiting to happen, especially if you leave them near to flammable items like curtains or even Christmas trees".

AC Hickmott went on to say: "Be aware of the fire risks in your home - that way you can ensure Santa is the only one to visit your home this Christmas, and not the Brigade".

The Brigade's new Christmas campaign was launched in Trafalgar Square

The Brigade's new Christmas campaign was launched today in Trafalgar Square. Firefighters, along with actor Cliff Parisi, who plays Minty in Eastenders, revealed a giant, smoking, overloaded plug socket to members of the public to remind people of the dangers. They also handed out leaflets explaining how people can use candles and sockets safely.

The new Christmas safety campaign coincides with the launch of new fire safety posters, features candles and overloaded plug sockets, which will appear in each of London's 112 fire stations in December.

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