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Lockheed Martin to showcase Laser Radar (LADAR) technology at Aerial Firefighting Conference

Published on 12 March 2010

The upcoming Aerial Firefighting show will also showcase LADAR, or laser radar

The conference will bring together experts on aerial fire suppression 

LADAR, or laser radar, is the latest technology to be studied for its use in detecting wildfires.

Lockheed Martin, developer of LADAR (Laser Radar) will be reviewing the capabilities, answering questions and discussing the possible implementations of this powerful technology at Tangent Link's Aerial Firefighting Conference & Exhibition in Vancouver, 16-17th March, 2010.

Any improvement in the means of detecting and monitoring the path of a wildfire deserves attention. That's why more details about the leading edge technology known as LADAR, or Laser Radar, which is sure to be one of the highlights of the upcoming Aerial Firefighting Conference. The conference will be held in Canada for the first time, on March 16-17, 2010. This event will bring the world's experts together to address the issues of aerial suppression on a global scale.

Did you know that the three dimension imaging techniques of LADAR can actually penetrate much of the dust and smoke of ground fires...offering views of what's actually happening in real time? For the aerial firefighter, the use of LADAR can mean the ability to navigate better in complex terrain in limited visibility conditions.

Equipped with a multi-spectral camera, LADAR can also be used to assess the health of vegetation to flag distressed areas that may be prone to fire. It can detect changes to buildings, dams or other infrastructures during or following a fire, to help in finding possible hazards.

The developer of this powerful technology, Lockheed Martin, will be reviewing LADAR's capabilities at the main conference session and will be available to handle your questions and discuss the possible implementations. It will be the first involvement in an association conference for Lockheed Martin and should do much to build our awareness of the solutions they can bring to aerial firefighting... from the latest in detection and tracking systems to those that can foster better use of resources through improvements in communications and collaboration.

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