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Lithium battery packs from Enertek Solutions pathbreaking for fire emergency equipments

Enertek Solutions' safer and smarter Lithium battery packs will fulfill all the requirements of fire emergency equipment storage.
Lithium battery energy storage system will revolutionize the world of energy storage systems

The Lithium battery packs from Enertek Solutions are not only suitable for solar, wind and telecommunications, but also police and fire emergency equipment energy storage systems.

Enertek Solutions, Inc. announced the release of its newest Lithium battery energy-storage system. After extensive lab and field testing, the small-stage development company achieved the option of 12 volts (V), 24V and 48V in both its MP-100 and MP-150 Lithium battery packs. Enertek Solutions is now taking orders for all energy-storage systems and respective options.

Suitable for solar, wind and telecommunications as well as police and fire emergency equipment energy storage, Enertek Solutions' safer and smarter Lithium battery packs are modular and scalable. All energy-storage systems manufactured by Enertek Solutions, Inc. can be easily configured to whatever voltage is required. With an internal battery management system (BMS), there are no umbilical cords or wires involved to change desired voltage; voltage can be programmed at the manufacturing level at the time the customer places the order. Additionally, the system does not require a field engineer to reset energy capabilities should the parameters change.

For easy communications, the smarter battery system also includes RS-232, RS-485, CAN-bus, Modified Bus or Ethernet communications, a PC graphical user interface (GUI) and data log functionality for remote monitoring and communications with full technical support resources. Enertek Solutions' Lithium battery packs all feature "Plug-n-Play" capabilities, allowing customers to mix and match power and energy-storage requirements.

The sophisticated BMS in each system maximizes individual large-format cell performance, enhances proprietary safety protocols and automatically monitors and tightly balances individual cells to within 10 millivolts (mV). A standard set of output parameters is included for quick delivery, although customized features and output can also be easily programmed. Other members of the Enertek product family, including InfiniGen™, boast ultra high-power as well as high energy density cell capacity along with different voltage options. 

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