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KME launches new 102 ft AerialCat maneuverability at FDIC

Published on 23 April 2009


KME displayed their new flagship aerial truck, a 102' Rearmount AerialCat with enhanced maneuverability, at FDIC
KME's new flagship aerial truck, the 102' Rearmount AerialCat


Enhanced maneuverability aerial launched at FDIC

KME Fire Apparatus displayed its flagship aerial, a 102' Rearmount AerialCat at FDIC this year, with significantly enhanced maneuverability.

The AerialCat platform now has a range of elevation from -10 to +80 degrees, which is unmatched in the industry. This means that with the ladder fully retracted, the operator can set the platform on the ground for easy and safe entry in an area of only 33'! At fire scenes where available operating space is restricted, the AerialCat offers superior positioning. The device can also operate at 14' below grade when extended for water rescue and special operations.

The display apparatus owned by Northampton, Pennsylvania's fire department also includes IQAN E-Control™ electronic controls at both the turntable and platform for superior control and safety. The system provides smoother, safer, and easier motion controls than any truck ever built for the fire service. E-Speed automatically maintains the rotation angular speed, regardless of ladder position or height, to ensure safe low angle operation and precise positioning control. E-Zone stops rotation or elevation when the operator attempts to position the ladder in a pre-defined zone eliminating the possibility of cab or body damage. E-Cush provides feathering cushion for the extension/retraction system, elevation system, and outrigger functions.

In addition the apparatus includes an all new LED ladder light system that illuminates each ladder section. The lighting system utilizes continuous LED light strips, which include 19 ultra-bright LED lights per foot, providing superior ladder illumination for safe climbing and rescue.

Like all KME AerialCats, the 102' is also Proof Load tested. KME's exclusive proof load test goes beyond the UL and NFPA certifications for drift, timing, hydraulic, stability and water flow tests. KME places up to 4,877 lbs. of weight at critical points on the structure. This proven test verifies the integrity of the welds over the entire structure and is designed to imitate the full range of loads placed on the ladder during extreme use. KME Fire Apparatus is the only aerial manufacturer to do Proof Load Testing.

This test is critical to insure the integrity of the aerial device and proves that KME manufactures the strongest, most dependable ladders in the industry. Stress experts and designers who had previously worked on major projects, such as the Lunar Excursion Module and the F-14 fighter aircraft developed this method and insured that the AerialCat is designed to meet or exceed all strengths for load conditions including:

  • Weight of the aerial device extended in all elevation attitudes
  • Equipment and personnel
  • Ice loads (1⁄4")
  • Dynamic loads
  • Wind loads (50mph)
  • Nozzle reaction forces

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