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Hale Products Europe's Godiva portable pump to the rescue

Hale Products Europe's Godiva portable pump to the rescue

During the torrential downpour of the 20th July 2007 over most of the UK, one Coventry based IT company benefited from the use of a Godiva 8/5 portable pump to de-flood their car park and avoid water pouring into their facility.

Computer specialists Trinity Expert Systems deployed the lightweight portable for over an hour at the peak of the downpour to keep the water below the main office level. During the same period Hale, the world's leading provider of vehicle mounted and portable Fire Pumps and ventilation systems, were also delivering on same day turnaround portable pumps to the local fire service and water company to assist with their emergency operations during the flooding.

The Powerflow 8/5 is ideally suited for this type of application, with a typical operational weight of only 75Kg, the pump can perform at a flowrate of 1400 l/min for over an hour on a full tank of petrol. The power unit is the latest generation of Briggs and Stratton twin cylinder 18HP Vanguard engines, a rugged and reliable engine, running on unleaded petrol. The Vanguard engine is designed to run cooler and cleaner than its predecessors - thus prolonging engine life. The overall weight is kept low by using a light alloy pump body and volute, and a stainless steel wraparound frame protects the unit and makes it easy to carry.

Other useful features include the electric start option and the exhaust gas priming system which ensures a rapid start to pumping action. The Powerflow 8/5 is available as a single or twin discharge pump, and is increasingly popular with fire services for these de-flooding operations or as a relay pump to the main fire appliance. Contact Hale Products Europe for further details.

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