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Haix launches new logo, new strategy and new target groups

Published on 10 October 2011
Haix logo, the company Fire hero Vario

Haix has expanded its product line with the PROTECTOR ALPIN, the AIRPOWER® R90 and the FIRE HERO® Vario

HAIX is restructuring its whole presence. From October 2011 on, the innovative Bavarian professional shoe manufacturer will appear with a new logo and a new strategy.

This is the logical consequence in the further development of the ambitious, growth-oriented company. "We have reached a strategically decisive point in our company's history," says Ewald Haimerl, head of the Bavarian professional shoe manufacturer, explaining the comprehensive measures.

At the same time, HAIX is announcing the introduction of a completely new product line. The "Black Eagle" combines running shoe technology with the ingenious HAIX® functionality: light, athletic, multifunctional. Two series and three different heights for all the needs that a shoe for professionals has to meet - during and after work: with a rubber sole resistant to oil and petrol, the double hole frame system to stabilize the foot, shock absorbing in the heel area, energy return system for the effective application of energy, stone shield system, speed lacing, air conditioning system, waterproof and breathable thanks to GoreTex®.

With the PROTECTOR ALPIN, the AIRPOWER® R90 and the FIRE HERO® Vario, three new products have just come onto the market.

It has been years since HAIX acted as a supplier solely to authorities, institutions and experts. "Thanks to our outstanding image for quality and function, we have been able to reach a wide range of additional customers in the last few years. And this is just the beginning!" adds Mr Haimerl. The company objectives written in the new business plan provide for this and point the way. With new planned product lines and creative further development of the existing sectors, growth is expected to continue in the double-digit percentage range, as in past financial years.

These activities are regarded as a crucial step for the company and will set a decisive course for the HAIX brand

Since the previous appearance with two logos repeatedly caused confusion among customers regarding exact brand identification, the two company symbols have been combined to form one common logo.

The main focus is on the name HAIX, once composed by the founder of the company, Xaver Haimerl, from the first three letters of his surname, to which he added the first letter of his first name. The oval structure of the letters reflects the recognition value of the old logo. The "A" dynamically spans a flame to symbolize the connection between the traditional shoemaker's know-how and a modern company.

To implement this step, the company obtained top-class support. "Our absolute focus is on the globally unified image of our companies within the group," said Mr Haimerl. The simultaneously developed, long-term umbrella brand strategy should guarantee brand recognition for decades and beyond, and provide continued healthy and profitable growth.

These activities are regarded as a crucial step for the company and will set a decisive course for the HAIX brand.

Life is defined by change. It is not only in this regard that HAIX has always been an exceptionally spirited company. The company motto given by Ewald Haimerl, "One team, one company, one objective", also applies in this case more than ever before.


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