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Haitian initiative elongates Superior's existence in the city after the devastating earthquake

A massive earthquake encircled the city of Haiti in January having a devastating effect on lives and property of Haiti except the Superior's workforce.
A miracle happened when none of the company's 300 employees lost their lives in the massive Haiti earthquake

Superior Uniform Group re-emerges gloriously after the massive earthquake in Haiti due to the untiring efforts of local contracter One World Apparel.

Superior Uniform Group, Inc., manufacturer of uniforms, image apparel and accessories, announced that they were pleased to examine first hand, the extraordinary efforts of One World Apparel, their large downtown Port-au-Prince contractor.

Charles Sheppard, Vice President of Global Supply Chain for Superior, on his visit to Haiti this week saw firsthand, “The tremendous efforts that are being put forth in the aftermath of the earthquake of January 12th. With Superior’s financial and logistical help, One World was up and running two weeks after the devastating quake. 

The plant reopened and was shipping containers of lab coats, isolation gowns, scrub suits and numerous other healthcare products within days of reopening from alternate Haiti ports. Containers are now going back out of the rebuilt Port-au-Prince port, where pre-earthquake containers emanated from.

It is a miracle that none of our 300 employees lost their lives in the quake, although there were a lot of family tragedies.  On opening day, January 26th, over one-half of our people were back working and many have been sheltered, clothed or fed by the management of One World Apparel and Superior. All 300 have returned and we have already increased our workforce to 400 employees. 

Charles Sheppard also noted, “Superior has had an ever increasing supply chain relationship with Haiti for three years.  Fortunately, little product, raw materials or machinery were lost or damaged in the earthquake and our customer service levels were not affected. It is remarkable to see the strength of the Haitians, whose fortitude and resilience encourages us to increase our presence in Haiti where we are convinced recovery and improvements in the infrastructure will continue. We are very proud to be a partner in this effort and of the recognition of our social action by One World Apparel employees.”

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