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Frozen meals safe with OxyReduct

Published on 16 December 2008

Apetito AG, a catering company, recently chose WAGNER's OxyReduct fire suppression system to protect their deep freeze storage facility
WAGNER's OxyReduct fire suppression system has been chosen by Apetito AG
Apetito AG, one of Europe's leading suppliers of multi-portion meal catering, has chosen WAGNER's OxyReduct® fire protection system to ensure fire cannot start in its new deep freeze storage facility.

Located in Rheine, Germany, the 31,000 cubic metre warehouse is an essential part of the company's logistics operation and therefore cannot afford for it to be affected by any fire related incident, real or false. Apetito started supplying frozen meals to German consumers in 1958, since then it has grown significantly and today supplies over 2,500 meal varieties to 1m people each day. Its customers include local authorities and the NHS in the UK and catering services throughout Europe.

OxyReduct® creates an environment where fires cannot start, by continuously reducing the oxygen level in a closed area by adding nitrogen to the air. The oxygen is reduced to a level in which most combustibles do not inflame and an open fire is impossible. Importantly, people can enter and work in the area of risk at any time.

Deep freeze storage creates a demanding environment for fire protection. Inside high warehouses and with such low temperatures heat only rises very slowly in the first phase of a fire because of the low thermal lift. As a result of this, conventional fire extinguishing systems often are not activated before the fire has already taken hold. No matter how good the fire detection, extinguishing or suppression system is a fire has to start for the system to work, causing damage and disruption to the warehouse operation. With the warehouse storing up to 6,000 pallets holding about 3 million meals and with a stock rotation of 14 days it's clear that any downtime to the operation would be unacceptable.

Over 200 major organisations throughout Europe have already installed OxyReduct® systems in a wide range of applications including IT data centres, communication suites, archives, museums and warehousing. OxyReduct® has proved itself to be cost effective compared to traditional protection systems for high-value storage and mission critical applications.

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