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From the wheels up: Road Rescue introduces redesigned ambulance line at FDIC

Published on 19 April 2009

An Ultramedic model from Road Rescue - one of three ranges of ambulances the company has recently updated
Road Rescue's Ultramedic - one of three ambulances the company has recently improved
New technology, innovative features among 40+ improvements to product line

Road Rescue will introduce a complete redesign of its line of custom ambulances at the emergency-rescue industry's largest trade show, which opens today.

Road Rescue, a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc., will showcase more than 40 improvements, including new technology and innovative features, on its line of Ultramedic®, Promedic® and Duramedic® ambulances. The redesign features enhancements in five key areas: module, doors, systems, appearance and hardware.

Three redesigned ambulances will be on display at Booth 2432 during the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), which runs through April 25 in Indianapolis, Ind.

"For the past year, the best minds in the ambulance industry have been working on an extensive ‘re-design' for our product line," said Gary DeCosse, president of Road Rescue. "While most ambulance manufacturers come to FDIC with one or two new features on their ambulances, our redesign incorporates more than 40 improvements to our entire product line. These are truly new vehicles - from the wheels up.

"We have made extensive enhancements to improve vehicle safety and functionality. The result is a stronger, more durable and sleeker ambulance that will enable EMTs to be more efficient and effective when working on patients during transport."

Road Rescue's new ambulance features significant improvements to the module, including:

  • New crash-rail fender ring system that is more impact absorbent. The new system, which features an extruded rubber crash rail, does not require fasteners and simply snaps on the vehicle body. In the event of an accident, the system is more easily repaired or replaced in the field.
  • Redesigned roof-radius extrusion with triple-wall construction that is substantially stronger and exceeds the new KKK vehicle standards.
  • New exterior doors featuring a double-box, pan-formed composite construction with a hidden hinge that delivers a lighter, stronger and more durable door. The composite construction improves vehicle insulation and reduces road noise. The hidden hinge is protected from the elements as well as a cleaner overall appearance.

- and improvements to the vehicle systems, including:

  • A refinement of the patient-centric concept introduced at FDIC in 2008 that standardizes the overhead equipment mounts and reduces their profile to deliver more working room for EMTs. The new designs also feature a rail system that provides a central point for medical equipment and improved lighting.
  • An innovative new interior outlet rail system patterned after those utilized by hospitals to consolidate outlets into a convenient location that can be field adjusted when procedures change.
  • A refined central air system that realigns vent locations to improve airflow and efficiency whether heating or cooling the vehicle. The overall look is also cleaner.
  • Enhancements to the interior and exterior appearance of the vehicle. Exterior upgrades include a shift to chrome handles, flanges, crash rails, trim and housing. Interior improvements include the use of lighter and more soothing colors, stainless steel accents and improved trim options.
  • Hardware upgrades throughout the vehicle that enhance ease of cleaning, restocking and overall functionality.

"In many ways, it's what you won't see in this redesign that matters the most," DeCosse said. "More than half of all the improvements and innovations are incorporated into the build process, further enhancing our industry position as a leader in quality and safety.

"Our new ambulance line incorporates new materials and new processes that will allow us to improve the efficiency of our production line and reduce order-to-delivery times. From major structural changes down to simple hardware changes, we have developed a truly innovative vehicle that delivers improved performance."

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