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Foxfury announces arrival of its smoke cutting Breakthrough Firefighter LED Flashlights

Published on 23 July 2012
Foxfury’s 600 torch lumen Breakthrough BT3 has a three degree beam and is ideal for lighting a scene
Foxfury's Breakthrough BT2 and BT3 can cut through smoke better than hand-held box lights and lanterns

FoxFury is pleased to announce that its smoke cutting Breakthrough firefighter right angle LED flashlights have arrived on earth. These Breakthrough flashlights redefine the right angle light experience by offering the power of a handheld box light in a hands-free right angle light body. The 200 torch lumen BT2, with a two degree beam, is best at cutting through smoke while the 600 torch lumen BT3, with a three degree beam, is best at lighting a scene.

These Breakthrough firefighter flashlights utilise FoxFury's SMO-KUT technology. The compact Breakthrough BT2 and BT3 right angle LED lights can cut through smoke as well as, if not better than, larger, heavier hand-held box lights and lanterns. The BT2 and BT3 can be worn on turnout coats, which permit firefighters to have free hands in all situations. The Breakthrough's ability to do the job of two lights in one helps increase firefighter safety and efficiency.

The 200 torch lumen Breakthrough BT2 features a two degree beam and is best at cutting through smoke. The 600 torch lumen Breakthrough BT3 features a three degree beam and is best at lighting a scene. Both lights are waterproof, fire resistant and run on four common AA batteries. They also feature a removable door wedge, stainless steel clip and key ring and rear bottle opener (for liquid refreshments).

"The BT2 and BT3 are cutting edge lighting tools that improve the safety, efficiency and vision of firefighters and other first responders in smoke," said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.

The Breakthrough lights were first introduced at FDIC 2012 in April. Since then, improvements have been made to these lights based on input from firefighters and distributors. Additional changes were also implemented based on recommendations from product testers like Eddy Weiss of Chasing4Life who used and abused the light in novel ways.

These Breakthrough lights can be seen at the FoxFury booth (#942) at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, MD from July 19-21. Eddy Weiss will also be in the FoxFury booth during the show to answer questions and share stories about FoxFury's lights including the Breakthrough and Nomad.

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