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Fire Fighters Charity's '9.9.9 Fitness Challenge'

The Fire Fighters Charity is here for fire fighters during their times of need, along with burns survivors

The Fire Fighters Charity asked the public to support the work of the UK's Fire and Rescue Services

The 9th September 2009......was the only day for another 100 years that we could abbreviate to 9.9.9!

To pay tribute to this occasion, The Fire Fighters Charity asked the public to show their support to the work of the UK's Fire and Rescue Services by taking part in a 999 Fitness Challenge whilst raising money for injured fire fighters and burns survivors.

The Charity launched The Challenge 9 weeks and 9 days before the 9th September as a thank you to the Fire and Rescue Services, who are first on the scene in an emergency. The role of a modern day, professional fire fighter can be physically demanding and at times will call upon all aspects of fitness - which includes strength, endurance and flexibility.

Carol Tilley Assistant Fundraising Director for the Charity said: "Fire Fighters put their lives at risk on a daily basis to help save other's lives. To do so, they have to be at their maximum fitness level at all times. By adapting your own fitness challenge whilst raising money for the Fire Fighters Charity, you will be showing your support to the brave individuals who will enter a burning building, when you could be running out."

To take part in the Fitness Challenge individuals aimed to raise £99 for the Charity via a fitness challenge of their choice. Plenty of ideas could be found in the free 999 fundraising pack which was available to download from the Charity's website at The pack also contained a sponsorship form, poster, press release template - to help people gauge support regionally, and a paying in slip.

Fitness Challenges could be carried out individually, or in a group - with friends, family or colleagues. Local gyms and fitness centres were also able to provide support! The Charity helped those taking part to promote their events via its website, and asked that people email their wacky 999 fundraising methods to

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