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Fike to exhibit TwinFlex Pro two-wire fire protection system at Firex South 2012

Published on 2 February 2012
SigniFire video-based fire protection system will also be showcased at the event
TwinFlex Pro offers outstanding versatility, performance and value for money

The new LPCB-approved TwinFlex Pro two-wire fire protection system, which offers outstanding versatility, performance and value for money for small and medium sized applications, is star feature of the Fike stand at this year’s Firex South. Sharing the spotlight on the stand are the groundbreaking SigniFire video-based fire protection system for larger applications; the latest Quadnet and Duonet panels for addressable systems, which have also recently received LPCB approval; and Fike’s renowned multipoint sensors that allow users to meet a wide range of detection specifications with a single device.

The latest development of Fike’s popular TwinFlex range, the new TwinFlex Pro system offers enhanced features that include an integrated event log for up to 500 events, a key-operated reset option, a wide range of delay functions, a convenient PC set up option, and two configurable monitored outputs that make TwinFlex Pro easy to use as an upgrade for conventionally wired systems.

Like all TwinFlex products, TwinFlex Pro allows detectors and sounders to share the same wiring, dramatically reducing installation costs, and it fully supports the intelligent TwinFlex protocol which means that it can discriminate between alarm signals from automatic detectors and those from manual call points.

Ideally suited for installations where large areas need to be protected, the SigniFire video-based detection system detects fires by analysing video images from cameras that can be used at the same time for surveillance purposes. This system, which has been proved to provide a much faster response than conventional fire detectors in a wide range of scenarios, is being demonstrated twice each day during the exhibition, using a live link-up to Fike’s product evaluation facility in the United States.

For applications where efficient and cost-effective addressable fire protection systems are required, Fike is showing its latest LPCB-approved Quadnet four-loop and Duonet two-loop panels, which support up to 200 devices per loop and have generous current capabilities for supplying loop-powered devices. The panels incorporate large displays that show alarm locations clearly and unambiguously, and they offer a remote configuration facility that allows the mode of operation of individual detectors to be set up and changed from the panel.

MultiPoint detectors are also featured on the Fike stand at Firex South, allowing visitors to see for themselves the benefits of choosing user-configurable detectors that offer a choice of six different protection modes from the same device. This exceptional versatility greatly simplifies the design and installation of fire protection systems, as the final specification does not have to be decided until after the system is installed, and it also allows systems to be modified quickly and easily to suit changes in user requirements.

Throughout the exhibition, experts from Fike are available on the stand to discuss the applications and benefits of the products on show in relation to visitors’ specific requirements, and also to provide information on the full range of Fike fire detection products and services.

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