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Fike SigniFire® offers fast fire detection and surveillance in one

Published on 24 May 2011
Fike's SigniFire system detects fire via video surveillance
The Fike SigniFire® system generates fire alarm signals while capturing images of a fire

Fire detection and surveillance capabilities are combined in Fike's SigniFire® IP cameras.

Proven in a wide range of scenarios to offer a faster and more dependable response to fire than conventional detectors, the innovative Fike SigniFire® system detects fire by looking for the telltale signatures of smoke and flames in images captured by video cameras. The images can also be monitored and recorded in the usual way for surveillance purposes, thereby eliminating the need for and cost of a separate CCTV security installation.

SigniFire® IP cameras not only capture high-quality, high-resolution images, but also feature built-in flame, smoke and motion detection capabilities. This enables them to detect the presence of flames within the field of view of the camera, reflected light from flames when the direct view is obstructed, the presence of smoke, and the entry of unauthorised intruders into the protected area.

An important benefit of the integrated detection facilities of the SigniFire® cameras is that, even if the IP network connection to a camera fails, its ability to detect fire and intruders is unimpaired. This means that it can continue to send alarm signals to the central fire and security panels via alternative connections.

In extensive independent testing, the SigniFire® system has been shown to provide a dependable yet faster response than traditional fire detectors in a wide range of scenarios. And in large open spaces, SigniFire® provides superior protection with fewer installed devices than are required with traditional fire detection systems. This translates directly into savings in total installed costs.

As well as generating alarm signals, SigniFire® cameras send images via an IP network connection to a Fike FSM-IP scalable network video recorder (NVR) with integral video management software. The NVR supports up to 32 cameras and, in addition to recording the video streams from these cameras, it also maintains an event log for alarm conditions. Further, when required by the application, it can distribute alarm and video signals to remote locations.

For large installations, the SigniFire® system is complemented by SpyderGuard, a software-based monitoring, investigative and administrative tool that can access multiple FSM-IP NVRs via an enterprise network or the Internet.

In some instances, the SigniFire® system can use images from an existing CCTV security installation. In these cases, the images are analysed by a central PC running SigniFire® fire detection software. This approach can be very cost effective where a high quality CCTV installation is already in place.

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