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Fike SigniFire® improves fire service safety

Published on 24 May 2011
The Fike SigniFire IP camera has a fire and smoke detector
The Fike SigniFire® IP camera system may aid firefighters' safety with real time images of fire incidents

Fike's SigniFire® fire detection system provides real time images for rapid fire detection.

The new SigniFire® fire detection system from Fike, which operates by identifying the telltale signatures of smoke and flames in images captured by video cameras, has the potential to deliver important operational and safety benefits for fire service operatives called on to tackle a fire – so says Pete Hince MIFireE MIFSM SIIRSM, who served in the fire service for over thirty years and is now proprietor of the Pkhfiresafe fire consultancy.

Tests show that the SigniFire® system not only detects fires at least as quickly and effectively as conventional detection systems, it also provides real time images. “When these images are displayed on a screen that is accessible to fire crews attending an incident, they are an invaluable aid for incident commanders. The live images and the ability to playback the event bring invaluable information to the decision making process, potentially making fire fighting safer and more effective.” said Pete Hince.

“Incident pre-planning is underpinned by information gathering, much of which will be gained through inspections or visits by Fire and Rescue Service staff – for example, those covered by section 7(2)d of the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 (Ref. Fire and Rescue Operational Guidance GRA 3.1 fighting fires in buildings).  Information gathered can be used to review and improve safe systems of work and increase firefighting efficiency. The Fike SigniFire® system can play a key role in supporting this information, and may assist in command and control at an incident and aid crew safety.”

SigniFire® IP cameras capture high-quality, high-resolution images that can be displayed and recorded in the same way as images from ordinary CCTV security cameras, but the SigniFire® cameras also have integral flame, smoke and motion detection capabilities. This enables them to detect the presence of flames within the field of view of the camera, reflected light from flames when the direct view is obstructed, the presence of smoke, and the entry of unauthorised intruders into the protected area.

In extensive independent testing, the SigniFire® system has been shown to provide a dependable yet faster response than traditional fire detectors in a wide range of scenarios. And in large open spaces, SigniFire® provides superior protection with fewer installed devices than are required with traditional fire detection systems. This translates directly into savings in total installed costs.

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