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Eclipse Thermal Imager spotlighted on 13WHAM TV

Published on 26 August 2009

13WHAM TV showing the Bullard Eclipse thermal imager, after Rochester Fire Department in New York State purchased thirteen of the imagers
Rochester, NY Fire Department have bought thirteen Bullard Eclipse imagers

Rochester, NY Fire Dept purchase thirteen Eclipse imagers

The Bullard Eclipse thermal imager made headline news on 13WHAM TV in Rochester, New York when the city’s fire department purchased thirteen of the new cameras.

The Eclipse debuted at FDIC in April and since then is quickly changing the way firefighters navigate in and out of a burning building.

This low-cost, lightweight, personal-issue thermal imager is designed to equip every firefighter with thermal imaging technology. The Eclipse is small enough so firefighters can attach it to their gear and powerful enough to be their eyes in a fire.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 114 firefighters lost their lives in 2008. Nearly 18 percent of those firefighters killed on a fire scene died because they became lost, trapped or caught in a structural fire. The navigational function of the Eclipse paired with an advanced, lead thermal imager for analysis and investigation can help firefighters safely evaluate a scene by having multiple eyes in the fire.

Be sure to check out channel 13WHAM’s news report and video on their website.

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