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E. James Monihan Director’s award bestowed on chief Jeff Cash

Published on 1 June 2010
Chief Cash leads NVFC's grant-writing workshop
Jeff Cash was honoured for setting high standards and values at NVFC

The National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Board of Directors honored Chief Jeff Cash with the E. James Monihan Director’s Award. Cash, who is the Second Vice Chairman of the NVFC and the Director from North Carolina, was recognized for his extraordinary involvement in the NVFC and for going above and beyond in his service and commitment to the Council.

The award was presented during the NVFC’s Spring Board Meeting in Alexandria, VA, on April 30. Jack Carriger, NVFC First Vice Chair and Director from Oregon, spoke on behalf of the Board as he bestowed the award to Cash. “I’m very privileged tonight to present this award to a person who sets an example for all of us,” Carriger said. “Jeff Cash is involved in just about every aspect of our organization. The values and standards he sets and the way he leads by example is to be admired. This award is to be given when a person truly sets themselves above, and Jeff Cash certainly does this.”

“This is an honor and I appreciate it,” Cash said as he accepted the award. “The man it’s named for is my mentor. When I came to the Council 13 years ago, Jim Monihan took me under his wing.” He went on to recognize his community, his department, and most of all, his wife, Cynthia for her constant support. “She’s the one who really deserves this,” Cash said.

In addition to his responsibilities as Second Vice Chair of the NVFC, Cash is directly involved in many of the NVFC’s initiatives. He leads the NVFC’s grant-writing workshop at conferences across the country, is an active member of the National Junior Firefighter Program Advisory Group, participated in the NVFC’s retention and recruitment video project, recorded several informational audio and video podcasts, facilitated many events and presentations on behalf of the NVFC, has written articles to help publicize the NVFC’s initiatives, and much more. He is always willing to assist or provide information to other Board members, NVFC staff, or general members of the fire and emergency services.

The E. James Monihan Director’s Award is presented by the NVFC Executive Committee to a fellow Board member whose contributions have gone beyond the normal expectations. The award is named after founding Board Member and former NVFC Chairman Jim Monihan, who actively served on the NVFC Board and Executive Committee until his death in 2009.

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