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Dubai International Airport receives a new ROSENBAUER PANTHER ARFF 8x8 series truck

Published on 9 July 2009

ROSENBAUER staff pose in front of the PANTHER 8x8 ARFF truck destined for Dubai International Airport
ROSENBAUER staff pose with the PANTHER truck destined for Dubai International Airport
A new addition to the PANTHER ARFF vehicle family

ROSENBAUER, the leader in the global special vehicle market, has delivered its first ARFF from the PANTHER 8x8 series with a 19,000 l of extinguishing agent payload to Dubai International Airport.

The largest ARFF vehicle around

The new PANTHER 8x8 has two rear-mounted 625 hp engines with total propulsive power of 1,250 hp and has a maximum output of 10,000 l of extinguishing agents per minute. The vehicle's enormous engine capacity offers acceleration of 0-80 kph in less than 25 seconds and furnishes the vehicle, which weighs 52,000 kg, with a top speed of 135 kph. When responding to an alarm, the engines are twinned and the drive distributed to all four axles. During extinguishing, the engines are uncoupled, one serving the drive train to all the axles, whiste the other powers the pump system. The engines can operate fully independently of each other thus facilitating pump & roll operations.

With a total length of 13.095 m, the new 8x8 is 1.1 m longer than the previous PANTHER 8x8. The vehicle has a width of 3.0 m and the extended wheelbase and increased load-bearing capability of the axles are used to the full for an increase in payload capacity. Accordingly, both the water tank volume (+ 3,800 l) and the quantity of foam carried (+700 l) have been raised considerably. Moreover, as no adequate chassis was available on the market to meet these requirements, ROSENBAUER developed its own new solution.

Increased international demands

Dubai International Airport, a long-term customer of ROSENBAUER, responded with the new PANTHER the increasing demand in the fire-fighting area, created by the introduction of the wide-bodied Airbus A380. Indeed, the Dubai-based Emirates Airlines is the largest A380 operator, having placed orders for 58 aircrafts.

ROSENBAUER has designed the new ARFF vehicle for deployment at major international airports, which dispose over two or more runways and serve the A380. Using the new PANTHER, airport operators can more than fulfil the demands of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), while nevertheless operating their fire-fighting services in a far more economic manner than with the previous size of vehicle.

Thorough checks

The PANTHER 8x8 ARFF is designed primarily for use in major international airports which utilise more than two runways
The PANTHER 8x8 ARFF is designed for major international airports
Prior to a ROSENBAUER vehicle going into serial production, prototypes are tested thoroughly down to the smallest detail. Every newly designed vehicle, including the PANTHER 8x8 is subjected to a range of indoor and outdoor examinations, which include for example 50 hours of continuous running. This endurance testing takes place on the Magna test site at St. Valentin in Upper Austria and following every run, the functional data from the chassis and the extinguishing systems get documented.

Furthermore, in the case of the new PANTHER, the electromagnetic compatibility was also scrutinized by creating an electromagnetic field around the vehicle in an absorber chamber.

Every frequency capable of having a negative effect on the vehicle's electronics was then applied. In spite of this jamming, all the electronic systems in the new PANTHER functioned perfectly. It should be added that such exhaustive test series represent a cornerstone in ROSENBAUER's comprehensive quality philosophy.

This new vehicle constitutes a prolongation of the PANTHER family's success story. Since its market launch, over 500 of these vehicles have been put into international operation. Indeed, with the PANTHER, which is the world's most powerful ARFF vehicle, ROSENBAUER has been able to further consolidate its market superiority on every continent.

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