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Crimson Fire launched Transformer® at FDIC 2010

Published on 4 May 2010
The new pumper by Crimson would cut off extra space and reduce vehicles overall length
Transformer pumper features improved handling and maneuverability

The Transformer frees up more than 130 cubic feet of pass-through compartment space for mounting equipment, storing equipment and other departmental needs. The Transformer was dislayed at FDIC 2010. 

Crimson Fire, Inc. introduced a new pumper designed to meet fire departments' dual needs to respond to emergencies and fight fires at the fire-rescue industry's biggest trade show.

Crimson Fire, a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPAR), displayed the Transformer® at Booth 2433 during the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, Ind. Unlike traditional mid- or rear-mount pumpers, Crimson Fire's new pumper eliminates the traditional pump house while integrating the pump and manifold system into the body just forward of the rear wheels. This will free up much-needed compartment space while reducing the vehicle's overall length.

Firefighters will also notice improved handling and maneuverability, thanks to the Transformer's shorter wheelbase and improved break-over angle.

"Industry statistics suggest that during 90 percent of emergency-response calls the pump is never engaged," said Kevin Crump, president of Crimson Fire. "Yet fire departments must preserve the ability to fight major structure fires while meeting the growing need to provide emergency response."

"Our new Transformer bridges these distinct roles in a single, affordable vehicle. Crimson Fire transformed traditional product design to create a vehicle that can fight a major structure fire while freeing prime space for storage of emergency-response gear, all on a shorter wheelbase."


Tranformer fire pumper comes up with much advanced features as compared to previous pumpers

Central to the Transformer is the new pump location. In a traditional pumper, the pump house and its controls occupy approximately 164 cubic feet of space. By placing the pump forward of the rear wheels, Crimson Fire eliminated the need for the pump house and dramatically reduced the space required for the mechanism. The Transformer frees up more than 130 cubic feet of pass-through compartment space for mounting equipment, storing equipment and other departmental needs.


Additionally, shifting the pump just forward of the rear wheels improves break-over angle, making it easier for the apparatus to navigate speed bumps, curbs and other obstacles without damaging its mid-section. The new Transformer also features a shorter wheelbase for improved maneuverability.

The Transformer on display features:

  • 1,250 gpm PTO integrated pump from Darley
  • Water tank with 750 gallon capacity
  • Aluminum body construction with multiplex electrical system
  • Smart Power 6 kw hydraulic generator
  • Vibra-Torque mounting system to minimize vibration in the body

The Transformer on display is built on a Spartan Metro Star® chassis with a 10-inch raised roof and a Cummins ISL 425 hp diesel engine. The 178-inch wheelbase vehicle will feature touch-screen displays in the cab, the most modern LED warning and scene lighting, and an integrated hydraulic ladder rack.

Options for the new vehicle include:

  • Compressed air foam system, or CAFS, capabilities, which reduces the amount of water required
  • 1,250-1,500 gpm PTO-integrated pump from Darley
  • Wheelbases available as short as 168 inches
  • Pump-and-roll capabilities, allowing the vehicle to be in motion while the pump is in operation

"As with all Star® Series vehicles from Crimson Fire, our new pumper with integrated pump is a custom apparatus tailored to the specific needs of each department," Crump said: "Our goal is to provide a custom solution to an evolving need."

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