Elbeco, Inc. News

Elbeco Introduces CX360™ Uniform Series

Elbeco's new CX360™ uniform series offers ultimate performance. It is designed to stand up to the demanding conditions of the streets and maintain a professional public image. It has a superior 4-way stretch fabric combined with a performance-driven design that provides enhanced function, comfort, and versatility.

Elbeco Launches BodyShield™ External Vest Carrier V4

Elbeco introduces the new BodyShield™ External Vest Carrier V4. Based on extensive wear testing and evaluations, changes were made to the BodyShield™ that address an improved side closure performance while providing enhanced mobility and comfort. Features The addition of a 2" knit elastic extension to the end of each front side panel providing an extra range of motion while relieving the FastLock closure of direct stress when bending, getting in and out of vehicles, running, etc....

Firefighter Uniform Adapts To Cancer Risk, Active Shooter Threat

More than an outfit. More thought than one leg at a time. Putting on the uniform is not just an ordinary daily task, but a habitual part of preparing for the unexpected. Yes, a firefighter’s uniform is more than an outfit. Think about who is wearing it and the risks they are exposed to on a daily basis. The firefighter comes from a long line of heroes, a brotherhood and sisterhood, with traditions to uphold and a reputation to maintain. Their uniform is no different. Its historical navy-b...