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China Safe Expo 2016: Main trends and opportunities of China’s safe industry to be highlighted

Published on 3 November 2015
China Safe Expo 2016 will be held during May 13th-15th in Guangzhou
Products from both long-term exhibition strategic partners and professional safe manufacturers will be showcased

According to the investigation of Ningbo Safe Industry Association, a strong momentum of development and intense competition simultaneously exist in the safe industry. Under such market prospect, manufacturers are seizing opportunities expanding the sales regions of safe and make it a large market share.

Main trends in China's Safe industry:

1. Safe gradually become household products. With the rapid development of economy, the demand of household safe has rose. In developed countries, the penetration rate of safe in families is 90% while in China it is less than 5%, lagged far behind the former. However, falling behind does not mean cannot go far, on the contrary, it means Chinese safe industry market has a great potential. Authorities estimated that in the next 10 years, the penetration rate of safe in families in China may exceed 15% and the capacity of the market will grow at least 5 times. There is no doubt that safe industry will be the fastest growing industry within 10 years with the support of government, business market, hotels and ever developed monetary market.

2. Important waterproof & fireproof functions. Nowadays, safes have come gradually into common people's homes and household safe is playing an important role in waterproof, fireproof and ensure the safety of property. It's learned that excellent safes must be theft-proof and fireproof with efficient heat-insulation plywood plates and damage resistance of drilling-cutting machines so as to reduce the loss to the lowest when accident happens, which were of high penetration in Europe and the United States and other developed countries.

3. Enterprises should pay more attention to quality and brand. The connotations of a real good brand are the quality, durability and sustainable development of the crystallisation.

Huge potential Chinese market must bring unprecedented opportunity for international brands to explore Chinese Market. There is no doubt that 6th China international Safe Industry Expo will supply visitors with good chances. And that’s why so many famous safe brands like BOOIL SAFES, BUMIL SAFE MFG., FireKing Security Group, President Office Furniture Co. Ltd, Ri Bao Safes and so forth, choose China Safe Expo to build brand image to China and explore China Market.

There are many high quality and affordable safes waiting, supplied by exhibition long-term strategic partners and professional safe manufacturers both at home and abroad.

China Safe Expo 2016 will be held during May 13th-15th in Guangzhou. China Lock Industry Expo 2016 will be held parallel with China Safe Expo 2016.

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