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CFOA president supports widespread use of sprinklers at ABI paper launch


CFOA says that the wider use of sprinklers will support the environment and save the economy
The CFOA president has called for adopting sprinklers as a significant measure to protect life

CFOA says that the wider use of sprinklers in domestic, commercial and residential premises will support the environment and save the economy millions of pounds.

CFOA President, John Bonney, in his address at the launch of the ABI paper 'Tackling Fire - a call for Action' spoke of the valid and significant contribution sprinklers could and should be making in protecting both life and valuable assets. John called for the adoption of "a triumvirate approach" in support of the installation of sprinklers "in which government by regulation, insurers by incentive and fire and rescue services through marketing and education" work together to tackle and reduce fire losses.

The CFOA President welcomed the proposals in the paper for a review of the case for sprinklers. John Bonney said, "The proposal for a further broad-based review on the case for sprinklers is to be supported, particularly one which takes on board the new knowledge on sprinkler effectiveness and frames this within a newly-agreed model for the costs of fires."

CFOA's position on the correct installation and use of sprinklers as a means of protecting life, property and fire fighter safety is emphatic; that they can and do save lives as well as protect valuable property. While the UK Fire and Rescue Service is proud of its achievements in reducing fires through effective fire protection and prevention work, the service is concerned, as is the ABI, about the apparent mounting financial and environmental cost of fires. CFOA is encouraged by the progress being made by both the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly in moving the sprinklers agenda forward from guidance to compulsion.

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