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Big Bowl® Restaurant employees to have eco-friendly uniforms from Superior Uniform Group

Whole of the staff of Bowl Restaurant will get an eco-friendly makeover by the Superior Uniform Group by their new uniforms made of recycled plastic.
All 400 employees of the Big Bowl Restaurant will wear the eco-friendly uniforms made of recycled plastic

Made of recycled plastic spun into a soft, durable fabric; the new uniforms will be introduced from this month, outfitting a strength of around 400 Big Bowl Restaurant employees.

Superior Uniform Group, Inc., the image apparel company announced the launch of a new eco-friendly employee apparel program for Big Bowl Restaurants. Made of recycled plastic spun into a soft, durable fabric, the new uniforms will be introduced over the next several months, and by the end of the year, some 400 employees will be outfitted.

The eco-friendly apparel program includes server shirts and chef pants, and Superior Uniform Group will continue to extend to other employee apparel pieces as materials and styles are available.

Superior’s designers collaborated with Big Bowl’s executives to achieve style, comfort and durability in new sustainable apparel options. Specifically, apparel made from recycled polyester fibers spun from plastic will be a component of as many garments as possible. The program is part of the restaurant company’s evolving “green” strategy that includes natural, organic, local, sustainable and eco-friendly products– from energy saving light bulbs and reusable takeout bags to local produce and seasonal seafood.

Superior’s designers and Big Bowl’s executives together achieved style, comfort and durability in new apparel options

“As part of our quest to continue evolving our green practices, uniforms were the next obvious and natural choice,” said Dan McGowan, president of Big Bowl Restaurants. “Superior Uniform Group answered the call by providing several eco-friendly garments for our employees to try. Not only were our employees thrilled; but, it was a great collaboration to work with another company that has truly embraced and invested time and materials into green initiatives.”

“The outcome is much bigger and results in Big Bowl contributing to the global objective of sustainability in today’s economy – people want to be employed by and spend their money with companies that are doing their part to create a cleaner environment,” added McGowan.

The textiles are produced from post–consumer products, including recycled plastic beverage bottles, which are processed into flakes, then filaments that are spun into yarn and ultimately woven into very soft fabrics. Recycling polymers keeps more plastics out of landfills.

“We’re excited to work with a company like Big Bowl that lives the sustainability mantra,” said Janice Henry, vice president of design for Superior Uniform Group. “Not only did we work to provide options that were cost effective for Big Bowl, but the eco-friendly garments don’t require professional laundering either, which minimizes the use of chemicals during cleaning and saves employees money. Employees will be delighted with the choices their company has made for them.”

Big Bowl Restaurants is the first restaurant in Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises® to introduce eco-friendly apparel to its employees. Lettuce Entertain You owns restaurants throughout Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C. and Scottsdale, Ariz.

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